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Sub-metering | Fort Lauderdale PlumbersManaging your business and rental properties brings many challenges and decisions to your desk every day. One of which is the rent rate you plan on charging your tenants. This question is often unpleasant to address because you understand that some of your tenants cannot afford higher rent rates. At the same time, you cannot afford to remain in the negative due to increasing utility bills. Trying to make the billing fair for all your tenants involved may weigh heavily on your mind. You feel for the single family that complaints about the high bill due to the family down the hall turning their heat up all day. Tenants who do not conserve energy raise the bill for everyone.

Why and When You Need Sub-meters

You need sub-metering when your utility meters service the whole property rather than provide individual meters for each tenant. When you have a utility meter servicing the whole property it is known to lead to energy and water waste. People tend to conserve what they have to pay for and waste what they do not. Most landlords and property managers have realized the benefits of sub-metering the electric meter but have yet to sub-meter their gas and water meters.
Sub-metering allows you to recover the cost of the utilities by billing them based on their individual usage. Now a single tenant only has to pay for the amount of water and energy he/she used, and the large family down the hallway the amount they used. Sub-Metering has many convenient options. You may choose to read the meters directly yourself and then send your tenant the bill. Or you can choose sub-meters that have remote displays, are wireless, or provide a 3rd party billing service with remote access.

The Disadvantages of Not Owning One

Because tenants do not have to pay directly for the amount of water they use, they are likely to use water in excess. Wasted water ends up costing everyone more and more, as the bill is split between all the tenants. To cover the expense, you must then increase the rent rate to pay for the high water usage. This is a very common problem many property managers and landlords face. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can meter your tenants individually and then charge them for the amount they actually used?This is the essence of sub-metering.

Professional Sub-meter Installation in Fort Lauderdale

Sub-Metering installation is no easy task. It takes the touch of a professional. Contact us today to help. We will provide you with the complete solution, from installation to billing.
  • Avoid rent increase due to utility bills
  • Provide a fair solution and remove unfair billing costs
  • Discover a reduction in your utility bills as tenants start to use water more conservatively
  • Be able to offer attractive and competitive rent rates
  • Help discover problems
Individual meters make it easier to identify common plumbing problems such as running toilets, leaks, and dripping faucets, allowing you to correct the problem before it causes serious property damage. sub-metering | Fort Lauderdale plumbersYour local Fort Lauderdale Plumber is always available for new constructions, retro-fitting and replacement of sub-meters. We are a leading utility sub-metering installation company in the area. We specialize in installing sub-metering in apartments, condominiums, commercial buildings, and more. Your local Plumbing 911 specialist can provide you with a wide range of services and products to help you with your utility conservation and management. We guarantee our work fully and know that our job will endure for years on end. Plumbers 911 provides you with code-compliant sub-metering systems for both existing buildings and new constructions. Call us today for a consultation regarding the retro-fitting of your current building, or for the installation in a new construction.
  • System design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Ongoing service
We take care of everything so that you don’t have to.

The Outstanding Qualifications of Our Broward County Technicians

  • Licensed and Fully Insured
  • Extensively Trained: Over 10,000 hours of training
  • Active about Continued Education
  • Background Checked and Drug Screened
  • Offer Unbeatable Competitive Pricing
We have had years of experience installing sub-meters at multifamily properties, commercial, condominium, apartment complexes, townhomes, office buildings and more.

Choose the Perfect Sub-Metering System For You

There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect system for your property.
  • The size of your property
  • Construction materials
  • Topography
  • Retrofitting or new construction
Our knowledgeable technicians are eager to answer any questions you may have about this beneficial service and help you find the best system. They are passionate about proper installation and maintenance and gladly ensure that your system is performing at maximum efficiency.

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If you’re tired of ever-increasing water and wastewater costs, consider installing water sub-metering today. This is a known method of promoting water conservation and reducing your expenses. Our technicians offer competitive pricing, value, and quality. Call us today for a personalized consultation and quote. With our help you can: We also provide 24/7, 365 days a year emergency service. If you are experiencing problems with your sub-metering system today, give us a call right away. Our extensive network of contractors allows us to respond quickly without delay.

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