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Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Lauderdale Plumbing ContractorClogged drains are caused by many reasons, reasons that are not easy to avoid altogether. Thankfully, even the most stubborn clogs can be resolved with the help of your Fort Lauderdale plumbing specialist. Choosing to clean your drains on your own with caustic cleaners may further exasperate the problem, corroding your pipes and adding to your expenses. If you’re plagued by slow draining drains, then it is time to give Plumbers 911 a call. Our technicians can eliminate the clog without damaging your pipes. We are a trusted network of contractors in Broward county. Our methods are quick but effective, we use the safest equipment to avoid damaging properties, and ensure that every contractor sent to your home are certified, licensed, insured and well-trained.

Most Common Reasons of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains don’t happen without a cause, learn the causes to help prevent and eliminate the frequency of your clogged drains today.
  • Food Debris – The number one kitchen clog culprit. If you take a shortcut by using your garbage disposal to shred large pieces of food waste off your plates and wash them down the drain, sooner or later you will have a clog. All food debris and grease has the potential to cause a serious kitchen clog. Even if you don’t pour grease directly down the drain, the small amount of grease from your frying pans and dishes is enough to stick to the inside of the pipes. Each time more and more layers of grease make the pipe narrower, catch more debris, and create a clog.
  • Hair – Unlike particles that break down over time, hair is very resistant to decay. Once it washes down the drain it forms a web, catching pieces of soap, scum, and dirt causing the water to drain slower than a snail running a marathon. Slow drains don’t have to take up your time and patience. All it takes is a quick visit from your local Broward County plumber. Be proactive once you notice a slow drain to prevent clog from traveling further down the pipe and creating a more serious problem.
  • Mineral buildup –  The mineral build up is the least common cause compared to the rest of these factors, it remains in the top category of problems. This problem is more frequently seen in homes with galvanized pipes. Why? Galvanized pipes have a rougher interior, making it easy for minerals to become trapped.
  • Root Intrusion – Plants, trees, and shrubs growing on your yard, or several yards away all love one thing-nutrient rich wastewater. By extending their roots deeper and greater distances, these plants find the perfect environment within your pipes. As the plants draw nutrients from your pipes, they grow bigger, blocking your pipe completely. We have the tools needed to quickly remove this block. Ask about our hydrojetting services today.
  • Old or Incorrectly installed Plumbing – Poorly installed drains can cause frequent draining problems. Sometimes plumbing pipes are installed in such a way that a lip traps debris from traveling smoothly down the pipes. Galvanized drain lines, common in older homes, are often victims of corrosion. Our professional Broward County Plumbers can help you permanently resolve these issues with our installation and repair services.

Additional Clog Villains

Memorize this list of Down the Drain No’s and instruct your family members as well.
  • Bones, egg shells, pasta, rice, and bread
  • Gum and stickers
  • Hair
  • Baby wipes, paper products, cotton balls and fibrous materials
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Bottle caps, toys

Preventative Steps You Can Take To Avoid Clogging

Drain Cleaning Service | Fort Lauderdale PlumberBacked up drains are a pain. Not only do they slow you down, but the smell that comes from a backed up plumbing system is unpleasant and potentially unsanitary. The first preventative step you can take is to clean your drains before a clog occurs. Just because your drain is “out of sight and out of mind” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add them to your regular home cleaning checklist. Just as you take more time to scrub your toilets and vacuum the floor, regular drain cleaning is essential for an optimum performance. Our specialists can come in and clean your drains for you, saving you both time and preventing more costly clogs from occurring down the road. Once your drains have been professionally cleaned keep them that way! The second preventative step is to watch what you put down the drain. Items such as grease, hair, soap scum, and coffee grounds are some of the most common clog causing debris there is. Scrub your cooking grease off your frying pans and into the trash before washing your pans. Using mesh screens over your drains can also minimize the amount of hair and soap scum that travels down your shower/tub drain. You can also start a compost bin to minimize the quantity of solids you put down your drains. Avoid brushing your hair over the sink, and make a habit of brushing your hair before taking a bath/shower. This way the loose hair is trapped and removed by your brush, rather than washed down the drain. This won’t solve the problem 100%, but it will drastically cut down the number of hair clogs you’ll deal with. Same goes for pets. Wash your pets outside when the weather is permitting. If you must wash your pet indoors try placing a washcloth over the drain to act as a filter to catch the excess hair. You can also use a washtub you can empty outside.

Schedule Your Drain Cleaning Service with Plumbers 911 Today

We don’t just want to solve your plumbing problems fast and accurately, but we also want you to feel safe inside your homes as we do our jobs. At Plumbers 911, we give assurance that our contractors are background cleared, drug-screened, professionals with years of experience, courteous, and dedicated to finding the perfect solution for you. Schedule your drain cleaning and clog removal services today. Our price quotes are accurate, and our number one goal is your satisfaction. Our emergency service is available at all times and at all hours to help you resolve your clogged drains quickly and restore the proper flow.

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