20 May

Proper Knowledge & Maintenance To Prevent Boiler Service Cost

boiler service costWinter is still months away but you should still check on your boiler nonetheless. After all, it’s an expensive piece of equipment that keeps you and your family warm and comfy. Proper care and maintenance will do wonders for your home heating appliances — or any kind of appliance for that matter — and save you from unwanted repair expenses. And with this being said, let us share with you some info about boiler systems.

What is a boiler and how does it work?

A boiler creates hot water or steam for home heating systems. They vary in terms of how they operate. Some are fueled by propane, others by natural gas, oil or electricity. A home heating system has a boiler that’s connected to a water heater which is then connected to a network of pipes and radiators. These pipes are responsible for the distribution of water throughout your plumbing system. The radiators on the other hand are tasked to heat the rooms in your home. Hot water boilers come in different types: small, compact, and low-maintenance and energy efficient.

Boilers generally has a control box that includes water and temperature gauges. These gauges help in monitoring the status of the equipment and also aids in the identification of whatever’s wrong with it (in case it is malfunctioning). There are also some systems that are equipped with pressure valves which can either reduce or raise the flow of water. In general, most heating systems have expansion tanks.  Some are even equipped with purge valves that are responsible for releasing water in case a flush is needed.

What are the common causes of boiler malfunction?

Boilers usually last for years. The common problems that you have to watch out for are usually found in the circulator or expansion tank. Just remember that issues with a water heating system should only be checked by a skilled person. If you don’t even have basic plumbing or electrical skills, then just call professionals to assist you. Remember, water and electricity doesn’t go well together.

How should you prepare for a boiler service cost?

Boiler service cost varies depending on contractor or company rates, the extent of damage and the area where you are in. Most service contractors charge by the hour instead of by project. However, you can save on these unwanted expenses simply by performing regular maintenance on your system.

We hope that this information helps you take care of your machine and prevent you from shelling out money on boiler service cost. However, in case of an unexpected malfunction, you can call the best Tequesta plumber in Palm Beach County FL! Plumbers 911 Florida guarantees excellent Tequesta plumbing services including water heater repair, backflow prevention, camera sewer inspection, septic tank and grease traps installation and many more! Reach us at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade), 954-468-0512 (Broward) or 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach)!

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