09 Jul

How To Fix A Blocked Toilet

blocked-toiletA blocked toilet is truly an inconvenience especially if you only have one at home. Until the clog is removed, the rest of your household won’t be able to pee or answer the call of nature and that’s going to be a problem. What’s even more horrifying is to discover that you could not flush the solid waste down just as you’re about to go to work. Are you going to leave your bathroom a mess? Obviously, you won’t. Try following this DIY guide on how to fix a blocked toilet!

1. Since you’ll be dealing with a dirty toilet, you have to wear a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from bacterial contamination. Also prepare a few rags or old cloth near the toilet so that you can use them to clean the area.

2. When you’re ready, get a toilet plunger. You see, there are two kinds of plunger in the market. The one that you should use for your toilet features an extension flange or a bell-shaped end.

3. Position the plunger right on top of the drain hole. Make sure that its rubber part is soaked in water then start plunging up and down vigorously while keeping a steady pace. If ever water splashes out, wipe it with an old cloth or a rag immediately. In most cases — actually, 90% of toilet clogs cases — the plunger solves the problem. After about 15 to 20 repetitions, test if the clog has been removed by flushing the toilet.

4. If the plunger fails to eradicate the clog, you must use a plumbing snake. If you don’t have one, you can get it from your local plumbing supply shop. It’s a long cable (wire coil) that features a tip like a corkscrew. Insert the tip inside the toilet drain and turn the snake’s crank clockwise to maneuver it further inside.

5. Keep on turning the crank until you feel the obstruction. Continue pushing the plumbing snake to break through the clog. When you no longer feel anything inside the toilet drain pipe, carefully pull the plumbing snake out. Make sure that you have a bucket ready where you can dispose the waste materials.

We hope that you learned how easy it is to fix a blocked toilet. If problems persist, call the most reliable Lynnfield plumbers. Plumbers 911 Boston provides reputable plumbing services in Lynnfield MA including toilet repair, plumbing fixture installation, plumbing appliance installation, septic tank pumping, drain cleaning and many more!

Learn how to fix a running toilet. Watch this video now!

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