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24 Jul

4 Common Septic Tank Problems in Your Boston, MA Home

Do you want to be sure that all members of your family are relatively healthy? In this world filled with processed foods and unhealthy practices, this seems to be a tall order. But there’s an effective way you can keep your family healthy all the time.

That is to be armed with the basic knowledge about the four most common septic tank problems in your home. The septic tank is the perfect breeding ground for all types of pathogens and knowledge about its problems will enable you to prevent them from adversely affecting your family.

Here are the 4 most common problems that could develop in your septic tank:

1. Soakaway problem

You will know if you have a soakaway septic tank problem when:
You empty the sink but the water backs up to the bathtub or the shower
Your toilet keeps on overflowing
There is a stinky smell coming from the drain pipes
Flushing the toilet becomes too slow
You notice some foul odor and the presence of wet waste in your surroundings

2. Strange sounds

Noise coming from the sink such as gurgling sounds indicate there is a problem in the system. It could mean a blocked or clogged drain field, or it could be the result of an intermittent increase in the water volume passing through the pipes.

3. Slow draining

A septic tank that takes too long to drain indicates a problem in the system. This can be caused by solid waste entering the tank’s drain field. When solid waste travels fast and does not have sufficient time to break down, it will clog the pipes and compromise the draining capability of the system.

4. Leaking pipes

Septic tank leaks are often unnoticed until the problem becomes too big. But you can observe its symptoms – green grass near the pipes which is greener than the surrounding grass and which grows faster. It could mean they are being ‘fertilized’ by the substance leaking from the pipe.

Are Your Drains Backing Up or Have an Odor?

Then you need to hire a professional Boston plumber. The problem could just be your tank may need pumping out due to overflow. There could be more serious issues of clogs and locating them takes an experienced plumber. The first place to start is with a phone call to us today. We understand this can be a very unpleasant experience and we have professional training to handle this situation.

Our service truck will arrive at your home fully-equipped and ready to fix all your septic concerns and get your home back to running normally again. With our background-checked and licensed plumbing techs, you will get quick and efficient service.

Never try to fix a septic issue yourself, as there could be health issues involved when dealing with sewage. Making mistakes at the early stage of septic problems can make a simple easy fix turn into a big expensive mess. Save money and time by calling the professionals right away.

How Much Will it Cost to Clean my Septic Tank?

The cost when cleaning septic tanks depends greatly on the size of your tank and the type of system. The national average can range from a hundred to a couple hundred dollars. If your system is maintained on a regular basis by an experienced licensed company will definitely help keep this cost down.

Keeping your system in great working condition will alleviate most emergency calls and major issues in the future. Proper maintenance will also make your system last longer. Your septic system is not something you should be replacing often, some homes will consider upgrades when necessary.

Some other costs you may run into when having your tank pumped and cleaned would be filters or the replacement of some parts. Having your system pumped clean allows for a better visual view of the walls and possible repairs. On the rare occasion there may be a need for a process fracturing the soil, which can be a lot more expensive than just a normal pumping and cleaning of your system.

Make sure to keep your septic system well-maintained to avoid further issues and repairs. For immediate service, call Plumbers 911 Boston at (855) 550-9911 today!


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