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23 May

Why you should flush your hot water tank

In the aftermath of a hot water tank emergency, a homeowner may ask if there is anything they could do to prolong the life of their new tank. 

In many instances, what they are trying to ask is, “Should I flush my hot water tank?”

Plumbers 911 Boston recommends homeowners flush their tank to help extend its life. Over time, minerals and sediments will collect at the bottom of your tank, where the heating element is located. As sediment builds and mineralization occurs, it begins to obstruct the heating element, and the water heater loses efficiency.


How often should you flush your hot water heater?

At a minimum, flush your hot water tank at least once per year, but it is optimal to do it every six months to prevent buildup and accumulation. If you live in an area with hard water, we recommend flushing your hot water tank every four months.


What happens if you do not flush your hot water tank?

Not flushing the hot water tank will allow sediment and minerals to collect at the bottom. This leads to scaling — a hard mineral buildup that can cause a host of problems. Scaling reduces efficiency, which means higher gas bills and colder showers. It can also lead to corrosion, causing your hot water tank to rust out from the bottom. Sediment can also block the pressure-relief valve that prevents pressure buildup, leading to a dangerous safety issue.

Without regular flushes, your hot water tank will be less effective, more expensive to use and not last as long. Like scheduling regular inspections from a licensed Boston plumber, flushing your hot water tank should be at the top of your seasonal to-do list.


Should you flush tankless hot water heaters?

While tankless hot water heaters do not hold as much water as traditional tanks, they do contain some water and sediment will build up over time. As a result, tankless heaters should be flushed on a regular basis as well. 

There is a special process to flush a tankless hot water heater that requires a pump to circulate water through the system. Contact Plumbers 911 Boston to be connected to a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor who can flush your tankless water heater.


Who should drain a water tank?

If your hot water tank has not been drained in the last year, then a licensed Boston plumber should perform the work to prevent a potential catastrophe. 

If allowed to sit for more than a year, sediment can build up and cause fissures at the bottom of the tank. This can result in leaks or ruptures in the tank, which may be plugged by the sediment. Flushing a tank with fissures may dislodge the sediment that is sealing the leaks and can result in a busted hot water heater. 

A Plumbers 911 Boston contractor is trained to safely perform this work and minimize the risk associated with draining a tank with fissures. 


Need to flush your hot water tank? Call Plumbers 911 in Boston!

Make it easy on yourself. Call Plumbers 911 Boston and be referred to a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor, who can expertly flush your hot water heater.


All of our affiliated Boston contractors employ licensed plumbers, who are highly trained, fully vetted – including drug tested. Call Plumbers 911 at 877-745-3198 for a referral today!

To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

We will get through this together To say we are living in “unprecedented” challenging times would be an understatement. We hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. We would like to list a few pieces of information and websites that we think will be helpful for you during this time.

  • To get the most current information on the COVID-19 virus, please check the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website at:
  • icon showing hand under faucet with large water droplets falling on hand Please wash your hands frequently. Washing with soap and water for twenty seconds is the preferred method, however when water is not available, please use an alcohol based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • icon of person covering mouth while coughing and a border separating from displeased person close by Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from another person.
  • For those of you with children that are looking for something fun to do, there are virtual field trips you can take with your kids that are fun and educational. Here is a link:

Plumbers are considered essential workers during this time and we will continue to work as our number one priority is to “protect the health of the nation.” Stay well, stay safe and we will get through this together.

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