12 Feb

Why Is My Toilet Making A Loud Noise?

why is my toilet making a loud noiseHave you ever woken up in the middle of the night because someone flushed the toilet and a very loud, troubling sound reverberated afterwards? Do you often hear weird sounds coming from the bathroom? If you notice that the toilet is the source of the noise, you have to check the fixture; find the problem and perform the necessary repairs immediately. That’s because these reverberations are usually signs that indicate the presence of other problems in the toilet. Read on and learn more about toilet sounds.

1. A horn-like or whistle-like sound that comes from a toilet indicates water pressure problems. The noise is produced because debris and dirt are stuck inside the fill valve, a plumbing component found inside the toilet tank. It’s some sort of tube that’s connected to the water supply line of the toilet and a ball filled with air, known as the float. Now the sound may be quite troubling but there’s really nothing to worry about because such an issue is easy to fix. All you have to do is open the fill valve’s top end and check it for sediment build-up. Remove the dirt and debris you’ll find and then restore the top of the said valve. Turn the water supply valve on again and let the toilet tank fill with water. Check for leaks and observe if that resolved the problem.

2. If you hear weird noises that last for about 30 seconds or more right after you flush the toilet, you’ll have to check the water pressure in the lines as well. Aside from the accumulation of sediments in the fill valve, it’s also possible that the flow of water to the toilet tank is somehow restricted. Tinker with the toilet’s pressure valve and check if the adjustment will do the trick. Otherwise, try lifting the float found inside the tank while you flush. If the noise disappears, you’ll have to adjust the float or replace it if it’s already damaged.

3. If a sound resonates only while the tank is refilling, it may also be another case of uneven water flow. Adjust the water supply and see if that will work.

4. If, on the other hand, the sound is sporadic, you should inspect the toilet tank’s flapper. Make sure that it’s not yet worn out because if it is, an outflow may result. Change the flapper to make the water level in the tank stable.

5. In the case of phantom flushing, you should inspect the toilet for leaks. It’s possible that the leak is right between the tank and the bowl. Verify the seepage and fix the problem right away.

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