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12 Dec

When does a sewer line need to be replaced in Boston?

If your Boston home suffers from persistent drain issues, your sewer line may be the problem.

Simple drain cleaning or a visit from a licensed plumber can fix most clogs. But sometimes these methods don’t solve the problem. You could have a sewer line that is breaking down and needs to be replaced.

When does a sewer line need to be replaced? Only a licensed plumber can know for sure. They can conduct a camera sewer line inspection to identify any problems.

Call Plumbers 911 Boston for a local licensed plumber who can determine if your sewer lines need to be replaced.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to replace your sewer line in Boston.

How long do sewer lines last?

How long a sewer line lasts is ultimately determined by several factors, such as the age of the home, the type of sewer pipe material, what has been flushed down the toilet and the local environment. Generally, you can expect a sewer line to last at least 60 years.

Older homes with pipes made from discontinued hardened clay will last about 50 to 60 years. Cast iron pipes can last about 75 to 100 years. PVC pipes hold the record at 100 years. 

Signs of a busted sewer line

There are telltale signs to watch for when it comes to a busted sewer line. Watch out for sinks or toilets that drain slowly or back up. You may notice a nasty sewage smell coming from the drains. Gurgling sounds in drains are another warning sign. Cracks in your home’s foundation may also indicate a sewer problem. 

Any long-term problems not solved by a simple plumbing solution could indicate deeper issues with the sewer line.

The benefits of trenchless sewer line repair

Sewer line replacement can be a messy operation that includes carving a trench across your front yard that requires landscaping afterward. But trenchless sewer line replacement avoids having to tear up the yard. 

Instead, the plumber accesses the line through the hatch in your home. The line is instead restored internally using the failed or deteriorated pipe as a host. A high-tech, flexible, epoxy-saturated tube liner is installed directly into your existing drainage pipes. This then hardens to form a new line, creating a new pipe within the old. 

How to take care of your sewer line

A sewer line provides critical infrastructure to your home. It’s best to stay on top of repairs and get any needed areas replaced as soon as possible. Have your sewer line cleaned by a licensed plumber every few years. It’s also a good idea to conduct a camera sewer inspection to ensure your sewer line is in top condition. 

Avoid putting anything down the toilet that shouldn’t go down, such as feminine hygiene products, “flushable” wipes, “flushable” cat litter and other products. Never pour grease down the drain.

Need help with your sewer line? Call Plumbers 911 Boston

If you suspect issues with your sewer line, call Plumbers 911 Boston for a sewer line camera inspection. One of our licensed contractors will send a tiny camera down your pipes to inspect the line and see if it needs to be replaced.

All our Boston Licensed Plumbers are highly trained, vetted and drug tested. Call Plumbers 911 Boston and schedule a time for a trusted, licensed Plumber to come to your house. 

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