29 Jul

What Is A Sump Pump?

what-is-a-sump-pumpHas your basement ever flooded? Have you ever had consistently wet or moist crawlspaces? If your answer is yes to both questions, we want to know, do you even have a sump pump at home? Learn more about sump pumps and why they’re important to homes. Read our blog today!

A Quick Look At Figures


Did you know that according to research, over 60 percent of American homes tolerate wetness in their basements and other below-ground rooms because of the presence of ground water. The truth is, the water cannot be removed when you live in a low-lying area. You’ll have to deal with the dampness and hope that it won’t lead to many issues such as the growth of mold and mildew. When these things grow in the basement or in your crawlspaces, the health of your loved ones will be put at risk. Fortunately, technology has brought sump pumps for us to take advantage of.

What are sump pumps?


Sump pumps are common plumbing fixtures in properties that are built in areas with low elevation or those places where the melting of snow can eventually lead to flooding. These pumps are installed to prevent flooding in the basement and to keep crawlspaces dry and moist-free. They are placed in sump pits where they function by pumping water out of the hole and removing it from the property.

What are sumps?


Sumps are well-like structures that are usually found in basements of homes and properties. They collect excess ground water that usually results from rapid snow melting or a rain shower that has went on for hours. All this water can fill the pit and when it overflows, water will seep out and flood your basement. You know what will happen next. Your walls, floors and your belongings may get damaged. Even your water heater in the basement will be at risk of damage. Mildew and molds may soon grow because the basement is cold, wet and dark.

How do sump pumps work?


When the pit gets filled with water, sump pump will automatically turn on. It will move the water out of the sump and transport it away from the house or property through the pipes. To make sure that the liquid won’t flow back out, the pump is equipped with a functional check valve.

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