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29 Apr

Warning Signs of A Gas Link in your Boston Home

No one is immune to having a gas leak in their home, no matter how well they maintain it. But being aware of the warning signs can save lives. Here are some indicators of a gas leak that you should know.

Is natural gas safe in your Boston home?

Natural gas, when used properly, is a dependable heating source. Even though greenhouse gases are produced while burning natural gas, it is still a cleaner alternative than other fossil fuels. To determine if gas is the best option for your home in Boston, compare it to other heating options and see what’s right for you.

A Plumbers 911 affiliated contractor is your best resource when deciding whether to use natural gas in your home. They can review the pros and cons of the different systems for your home.

Common signs of a natural gas leak

What’s that smell?

So that homeowners can detect a gas leak, gas companies add mercaptan to their supply that gives off an unpleasant smell. Since gas is odorless, any leaks would go undetected if not for the noxious stench the addition produces.

The smell of gas, similar to “rotten eggs,” is an unmistakable warning sign indicating the need to leave the building and call 911 immediately. A good follow-up would be to contact a local affiliated contractor with Plumbers 911 Boston to fix the issue after the scene is safely secured.

Health warning signs of a gas leak in your home.

If any family member feels nauseous, dizzy or lightheaded, these can be the physical warning signs that you may have a gas leak in your home. If you or a family member experiences the following, you should immediately leave the house and dial 911. After the proper authorities have secured the situation, call and arrange for a local Plumbers 911 Boston affiliate contractor to resolve the issue safely.

• Headaches
• Nausea
• Trouble breathing
• Tiredness and drowsiness
• Flu-like symptoms
• Dizziness
• Ringing ears
• Chest pain

There is a buzzing in my home; what does that mean?

A buzzing or hissing sound could indicate a natural gas leak in your home. Hissing sounds may persist even after turning off gas appliances and checking for leaks in gas lines.

If you think the noises are related to a gas leak, it is better to be safe and evacuate your home immediately and dial 911. After the scene is secured, contact a local professional connected with Plumbers 911 Boston to locate and fix the broken pipe in your home.

Signs on the outside of your home that can indicate a gas leak

Natural gas can also escape from underground pipes. It’s possible that natural gas is escaping from the pipes underground and into the air when bubbles form in puddles and dirt.

You may also notice dead or wilting plants, shrubs or patches of dying grass outside your home. Natural gas prevents oxygen from reaching plant roots, which can lead to plant death.

If you notice any of these signs, your first call should be to the fire department and have them come and shut off the gas, then have a contractor partnered with Plumbers 911 Boston out to your home to fix the broken gas leak.

You have a higher-than-normal gas bill.

A rise in your home’s natural gas use is another possible sign of a gas leak. When using a gas furnace, seasonal increases in natural gas consumption for heating are expected; nevertheless, unexpected increases may signal a leak.

A gas leak is dangerous because it may cause death, but gas can also catch fire if the right circumstances are met; therefore, you should leave your home immediately.

If you ever smell gas inside your home, you should get out immediately and call 911. Once that is done, contact Plumbers 911 Boston so they can send out one of their affiliated contractors who can locate the leak and assist in repairing your gas line. Don’t even think about turning off the gas; get everyone out of the house and safely.

The Boston Licensed Plumbers affiliated with Plumbers 911 Boston have all been through extensive training, a thorough screening process and a drug test. Give Plumbers 911 Boston a call to have a licensed, reliable plumber come to your home and fix your gas leak quickly.


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