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19 Oct

What Happens During a Video Sewer Line Inspection

camera video sewer line inspection in Naperville ILOne of the most important decisions that you could ever make in your life is buying a house. Before you finally make up your mind, you should first seek the advice of an inspector and property appraiser so that you can avoid future house troubles. Every nook and cranny of the property should be thoroughly checked. It is easy to see issues such as uneven floors, damaged roofing, or deteriorating ceilings and walls. Even newbie house hunters will notice problems in HVAC systems and appliances. Sadly, a very important part of house is often overlooked and this is the sewer system. A video sewer line inspection will help you inspect the condition of the property’s pipes underneath the ground.

What You Should Expect

A home’s sewer system is very important because it is where all wastes pass through. When it malfunctions, the entire septic system is backed up and this will lead to a string of other plumbing problems. The toilet will be clogged, the drains will be blocked, and the pipes will stink to name a few. A video sewer line inspection will help you avoid all of these.

Here is a list of the things that happen during a video sewer line inspection:

  1. Your plumbing contractor will access the sewer pipes. Do not attempt to check the sewer line on your own because only a licensed Naperville plumber will have the proper gear and equipment to do that. Remember that sewer lines deal with wastes day in and day out which means you will be exposing yourself to deadly bacteria and chemical fumes without the correct protective gear.
  2. A high-tech camera connected to a very long metal cable will be inserted into the sewer line. The camera will be remotely controlled by another plumbing technician in their mobile control center or their truck. Because of this new technology, there is no more need to dig up the yard to expose the sewer pipes for inspection.
  3. Causes of blockages, if any, are located. Often, tree roots that puncture the pipes cause clogging of the sewer pipes. Sometimes, debris that have collected over time cause the block. Whatever the reason may be, only a video sewer line inspection can give a clear picture of the pipes underneath the ground.
  4. The condition of the sewer pipes will also be evaluated. Old and corroded sewer pipes will be easily identified and your plumbing contractor will be able to assess if they need urgent replacement.

Call Plumbers 911 for Video Sewer Line Inspection in Naperville

Once damages or problem areas in the sewer system are identified after the inspection, you will be able to see if the property is still worth its market price. It’s now up to you if you will haggle for a lower price or proceed to the next property on your list.

Plumbers 911 offers video sewer line inspection in Naperville. Call (855) 484-3911 today to schedule an appointment with a licensed Naperville plumber. Meanwhile, watch this video to know more about Plumbers 911 Illinois:


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