27 Nov

How To Fix A Toilet Leaking At Base

toilet leaking at baseThe toilet is hooked to a drain flange which is then connected to a wax ring and to the drainpipe. These three create a tight connection that steadies the toilet bowl and transports waste safely from the bowl and into the drainage pipe. The thing is, the wax ring and toilet flange are both prone to deterioration. They may break or get worn out and once they do, you’ll sooner or later find water seeping from the base of your toilet. In case you’re experiencing this plumbing problem now, read on and learn how it can be fixed.

1. Turn the water supply valve off. It’s found near the pipes under your toilet. Turn it clockwise to stop water from filling your tank. Now flush the toilet to empty the tank. Scoop out any leftover water inside or absorb it with a sponge.

2. Now find the nut that attaches the water supply lines to the valve and the toilet tank. Turn it counterclockwise with the use of a wrench to loosen it up. Disconnect the supply lines. Remove the bolts that secure the toilet tank to the bowl. Carefully lift the tank and put it in a safe place.

3. Inspect the base of the toilet. You should see two nuts that hold the toilet base to the floor. Pry the decorative caps that cover them using a flathead screwdriver then loosen the bolts with your wrench. Lift the toilet bowl carefully and place it on top of an old cloth or towel.

4. Plug the drainpipe with an old cloth to prevent sewer gas from escaping and filling your bathroom with foul smell.

5. With the use of your putty knife, scrape off the worn out wax ring. Make sure that you’ll remove wax and caulk as much as you can.

6. Get your new wax ring and position it right on top of the hole. Press it firmly against the toilet base but be very careful not to break it. Once you’re done, remove the old cloth from the drainpipe.

7. Pick up your toilet bowl cautiously again and place it right at the center of the flange bolts. Set it gently and ensure that the wax ring is centered on the toilet flange. Press the toilet bowl down to seal the gap and get rid of any air or excess wax.

8. Put the nuts back onto the toilet flange bolts. Use your wrench to tighten them up. Take note that you should not tighten them too much because doing so might crack the toilet base. Test if the bowl wobbles. If it does, level it to the flange. Put the toilet tank back in place and secure it with the nuts.

9. Connect the water supply lines to the toilet tank and tighten them using your wrench. Turn the water supply back on and let the tank fill up.

10. Meanwhile, caulk the toilet’s base to seal it to the floor. Flush the toilet and check for leaks.

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