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With You Tube easily accessed, common kitchen drain problems we encounter can be “googled” and fixed in a moment. But not commercial drains, you must leave it to our expert Texas plumbers.

Problems with Sewer and Drain Can Make Your Profits Fall

Sewer and Storm Drain Jetting TexasCan you imagine the havoc it would create if the drain in your restaurant, hotel, office building, hospital, or any business establishment for that matter gets clogged? You will lose customers, be fined, or your business closed. A restaurant with a drain issue can endanger the health and safety of patrons. Cooking and dining utensils must be thoroughly washed and cleaned and cooking areas should be squeaky clean as a matter of course. The plumbing set-up in dining centers is more complicated because it must handle more water and require heavier straining designs to keep solid materials and oil discards away from internal sub-systems. Other commercial establishments require the same level of sanitation which is not possible without a fully functioning waste water drain system. The complexity of the plumbing systems in these commercial concerns requires the expertise and experience of tenured technicians. The not so secret antidote to clogging in sewers and drains is preventive maintenance, the mantra of all engineers but most of the time overlooked by businessmen and managers. Emergency plumbing service should not be in the vocabulary of any business that religiously adheres to a well-planned and extensive maintenance schedule. Sadly, this is not the case always.

Sinks and toilets

The drain at the bottom of the sink in restaurants, by design, has more components than the one in your kitchen because of the expected abuse it will undergo during the course of daily operation, and is prone to clogging. Commercial toilets and urinals suffer from blockage because of materials carelessly thrown into them, aside from the strain of regular use. All of these results in flooding that damage property and unwanted increase in water bill. It is often noticed that despite diligent effort to keep toilets clean foul odor emanates from them. If the toilet is not properly sealed to the floor bad odor can be smelled as air is pushed out of the way into the room when the toilet is flushed. It is possible that a trap attached to one of your drains is aerated if the bathroom smells bad all the time.

High pressure water jetting

Leader drain, sanitary, storm, and municipal drains are normally covered in pavement and practically forgotten. It is only when they are clogged causing flooding that the mantra about preventive maintenance is recalled. Over years of neglect and abuse these drains have to give because of debris, sludge, dirt, soil, silt and roots lodged in the inside. Ordinary handymen will have to excavate the drains to find the clog and repair the system. But if you are a hotel, restaurant, office, or the like you wouldn’t want your building façade looking like a construction pit and your landscaping disturbed and unsightly for days on end. Snaking cable is one of the modern equipment that allows for un-invasive unclogging drains. But there is a better technology that is safer and cleaner. It is called sewer water jetting which involves spraying high pressure water into the drain to dislodge anything that is stuck in there. Sludge build-up in the inside of the pipe, sand, silt, and all solid matter, even roots is pushed out of the cylinder when hit by the jet stream. All these and more are what our expert plumbers can do to your problematic sewer and drainage system.

What else can do we do?

With the use of specially designed equipment, we do not only pour water to your toilet, sink, or floor drains, to deprive air space where odor can develop, but we also shoot concentrated streams of water in pipes ranging from a few inches in diameter to a foot with an effective range capacity of 500 ft. to remove unwanted garbage. Most preventive maintenance guidebooks recommend twice yearly professional water jetting to clean drains, but food service establishments maybe required more frequent cleaning by the city sanitation. In what is termed as trenchless water jetting, our expert plumbing technicians will drill holes along the length of your drain to determine the problem and identify the specifications of the jet needed to do the job. As the cleaning agent touching the inside of the drain is water, no unnecessary damage to the pipes is expected hence optimizing its service life. No harmful chemicals to hasten the cleaning process are used, making water jetting an environmentally safe and sound method. sewer grate drain water texasTrenchless water jetting leaves no scar in your restaurant patio and office or home basement and allows your greenery to flourish during the repair. As no excavation is required automobile and foot traffic is not obstructed at any time. We also take care of the environment while maintaining your sewer and drainage system. Our local drainage master has a list of drain care products to make your pipes in good condition. We have specialty formulas that can kill roots attacking your drains and prevent them from re-growing. These are non-systemic and not harmful to the environment. Any environmentally adverse cleaning chemicals must not be used as your drains empty into lakes and rivers and could harm people and wildlife. You can also do something to alleviate the clogging of your piping system by keeping leaves and debris from your drains. Regular trimming of tree branches and cleaning of the open spaces surrounding your home or commercial building will help prolong the productive life of your pipeline. During storms and heavy rains clogging of your drains will likely occur because whatever available opening that allows water to flow maybe covered by the debris brought by the deluge. Commercial buildings flood easily than homes in these times because of the heavy human traffic and the amount of garbage they bring. It is best to watch for early signs of flooding and immediately call your local plumbers to lessen the possibility of damage to property and risk to life. Your early action and uncompromising preference for expert and experienced manpower and state of the art machinery will spell the difference between a flourishing business and sound sleep despite the storm and disaster. If you need expert plumbers and technicians to work on your residential and commercial sewer and drainage, call us and we’ll be at your doorstep with no further ado!

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