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Broken Pipe service in texas Water pipelines in our home can burst anytime and it is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The repair costs of the water system and the expected increase in your water bill can undermine your household budget. However, the damage that the water can do to our appliances, furniture, electrical installation, and the house building structure itself can cost us more money, discomfort, and sleepless nights. A bulge and discoloration in the ceiling or dampness and eventually puddle or flooding in the floor are physical manifestations of a pipe leak or burst which we notice only when substantial damage has already occurred.

Main Causes of Pipe Rupture

  • Corroded water lines because of old age
  • High presence of magnesium and calcium in the water
  • Calcium build-up in the pipes
  • High pressure due to clogging and increased water demand
  • Faulty installation Most piping systems in modern homes are hidden in walls, flooring and roof spaces and are integrated in other systems such as disposals and garden watering units that make repair extremely complicated and prohibitive. And when these happen, all you need to do is to call our Texas plumbing professionals.

Burst Pipes During Winter

There is a peculiar phenomenon that can cause burst pipes during winter time. When water freezes, it expands and the increase in the volume puts undue pressure inside the pipe. Ironically, the tear in the pipe happens not in the area where water has frozen but anywhere upstream towards the faucet. As the pressure builds up due to the expansion, any weak portion in the pipe will give way and burst. Water in pipes installed within the house hence, heated, normally does not freeze. However, when exposed to wind chill, the unprotected pipes in our attic, crawl spaces, open vents or lines entering the house can cause water to freeze.

Safety Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes from Our Texas Plumbing Contractors

Totally preventing burst pipes is next to impossible. As our home and water connection system age, parts of them become worn and will eventually conk out. But if we are aware of certain precautionary routines, we might be able to prevent pipe tear and spot broken pipes earlier and can minimize water damage, if not completely prevent it. Here are our safety tips from our expert techs: 1. It is important that you know the location of your stop tap. In case a pipe bursts, it is the first thing we must turn off in order to minimize water damage to your home and appliances. 2. You should insulate exposed pipes in attics, basements, or in your garage to prevent water freeze. Garden hoses must be disconnected as water trapped inside might freeze as the hoses are outside and exposed to the element s. Cold water tanks should also be protected from the outside temperature as water therein could turn to ice. 3. You need to fix dripping taps as soon as possible as leaks can cause pipes to break. 4. Leave the hatch leading to our attic open during cold spells. The same must be done with kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors. This will allow warm air to circulate and prevent the temperature from reaching freezing in pipes running through the cabinets. 5. If you must go somewhere and leave your home unoccupied, you must make sure that central heating is on. You should turn your stop tap off and turn your faucets to drain water from the system, and then turn it off again. You want to do this to ensure that there is no water to freeze in your pipeline while you are away. A good neighbor or a friend who can check for untoward water problems can make your trip more peaceful and worry-free. Despite our diligent effort, burst pipes can happen and we must be ready for it. Most leaks caused by an open pipe cannot be seen until damage to the home is already done. Unusual noise or stains, loss of pressure, meter running while all faucets are off or even electrical problems are some indications of burst pipes. This should be checked and identified by our plumbing technicians as early as possible to lessen the ill effects that it can create when left unattended.

Things To Do When Pipes Burst Before Calling Our Plumbers from Texas

– Your stop tap was designed to regulate water supply to your home and this is what you should turn off immediately as soon as you discover any leaks to prevent further damage. – A good idea is to write the our contact number (found here on our website) near the stop tap so you can contact us when you feel the trouble is beyond your level of expertise. – You should never use any electrical devices as we survey the home to identify the source of the water leak because your electrical lines could have been waterlogged and pose a risk of short circuit or electrocution. – Wading in the puddle or touching dripping water in walls may not be a good idea also as electricity may be flowing through. Electricity is a dangerous thing when handled inappropriately and when it meets water anything wet is energized. – You should be extra careful around gadgets and electrical lines exposed to water as any mistake can cause injury and even death. – Removing the accumulated water immediately upon discovery of the leak will greatly minimize the destructive effect of unwanted water in your home. – You should also move furniture and appliances away from the drenched area to protect them from the more havoc. While you can perform minor or immediate remedies when pipes burst, it is often advisable to get the services of our professional plumbers. We have the tools and equipment to safely put the system back online. Our experience and technical knowledge will make the repair job more reliable as our reputation will be at stake. We can also offer technical advice on improvements to your facilities that can prevent future problems in the system. As insulation is crucial to preventing water from freezing, our plumbing pros can give you the right specifications and affordable sources to get the required materials to protect our plumbing system. Contact us today to schedule a service. Our operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.

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