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Get Immediate Plumbing from Your Local Corpus Christi Plumber We have have licensed experts that can handle your emergency plumbing needs. Do you need a heating, cooling and air conditioning specialist to fix an emergency plumbing problem in Corpus Christi? We’ve got you taken care of. We can fix all issues no matter the size, time, or place. We know that toilets clog and pipes burst and they don’t always happen when you expect them to. That’s why we offer our services when you need them. Whether it’s day or night, we’ll be there to fix your issue.

Why Hire Us?

Plumbing and HVACR Repairs in Corpus ChristiWe have countless happy customers in the area and you won’t find anybody better for a fairer price. Here are a few additional things you can expect from us that set us apart. – We contract an extensive network of only the best licensed and insured plumbing technicians available in the area. – We’re really available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No when your emergency hits, we’ll be there to lend a hand. – Because we have an extensive network that covers the entire area, we can get your issue fixed the same day. No more waiting days or even weeks to see results. – No plumbing, heating, or air conditioning job is too big or small for us to tackle. – We are more than just an extensive network of contractors. Any company can hire the first available technicians to serve their needs.

What Makes Plumbers 911 different?

Corpus Christi HVACR ServicesNot only do we make sure a specialist is always available for your needs, but we also make sure you have one of the best professionals available. All of our technicians have superior standards they must meet to even be eligible to be part of our team. All of our experts are fully insured and licensed. That way, if anything unfortunate happens in while they are in your home, you won’t be held accountable. All of our specialists must continually educate themselves to make sure they are up-to-date with the newest and best tools and techniques to be able to produce the best quality work in the shortest amount of time. Ongoing training ensures you get the best work for the fairest price. Background checks are non-negotiable for our technicians so you can feel safe when they are in your home. Professionalism matters. Clean uniforms and vehicles to show you that we care about what we do and how we look. We offer the fairest price in Corpus Christi. No overpriced charges or partial jobs from us.

Not All Climates Are Created Equally

We know that Texas weather can wreak havoc on your plumbing. The heat can cause pipes to react a lot differently than they might in Oregon. That’s why all of our contractors are from the area. They are members of the community just like you and they know first-hand how the weather affects your plumbing. With some of the hottest summers in the country, our specialists know what it takes to keep your pipes healthy. We can help prepare your pipes before an accident even happens. Prevention is the best solution you’ll find.

Our Corpus Christi Plumbing Contractors Have Fair Prices

The older your home gets, the more vulnerable your plumbing and HVAC systems are to problems. Yes, there are times when you’ll need a complete overhaul, but that should never be your first choice. Our trained pros will be up front with you on their assessment and what they recommend for a solution. For example, many toilets get clogged because a small toy or object gets lodged in the pipes between the bowl and the wall. A simple drain snake or plunger is usually enough to dislodge the item. We would try one of those options first before recommending the pipes or toilet get replaced. We want to be able to find the most affordable, yet most effective solution to solve your problem.

Don’t Skip Your Regular Checkups

Corpus Christi Heating System ServicesMost emergencies don’t just happen out of thin air. They’re usually caused by a problem that has gone unchecked for too long until it can no longer keep going. Calling to schedule a checkup can help prevent problems before they have a chance to become emergencies. The older a system gets, the more likely a pipe is to burst or a toilet is to clog. In our checkups, we’ll come to your home and provide an assessment on the best approach to keep your plumbing safe and healthy going forward Don’t get the impression that we’ll just come into your home recommending unneeded repairs. If everything looks fine, we’ll tell you so and be on our way!

The Best Emergency Technicians in Corpus Christi

How often have you tried to explain a problem you were having but could only produce strange sounds that sounded similar to what you heard? Then you end up getting charged a fortune because the person wasn’t sure what you needed? At Plumbers 911, we’d rather avoid that. Our techs have the skills needed to quickly find what the issue is and fix only what needs to be addressed. We don’t want to be there for days on end because we don’t know what the problem is and we’re sure you don’t either. Unnecessary work leads to unnecessary costs and that’s not fair to you. We’ll figure out the problem quickly and get life back to normal for you as soon as possible.]]>

To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

We will get through this together To say we are living in “unprecedented” challenging times would be an understatement. We hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. We would like to list a few pieces of information and websites that we think will be helpful for you during this time.

  • To get the most current information on the COVID-19 virus, please check the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website at:
  • icon showing hand under faucet with large water droplets falling on hand Please wash your hands frequently. Washing with soap and water for twenty seconds is the preferred method, however when water is not available, please use an alcohol based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • icon of person covering mouth while coughing and a border separating from displeased person close by Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from another person.
  • For those of you with children that are looking for something fun to do, there are virtual field trips you can take with your kids that are fun and educational. Here is a link:

Plumbers are considered essential workers during this time and we will continue to work as our number one priority is to “protect the health of the nation.” Stay well, stay safe and we will get through this together.

Your Friends at Plumbers 911

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