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 water heater installationWater heaters are among the most usually neglected appliances in a home or business. However, no household or business establishment can do without hot water for basic tasks such as cooking, showering, shaving, cleaning and whatnot. Thus, a water heater is of vital importance in any setting, residential or otherwise; and proper installation is crucial in extending its lifespan, which can reach 10 to 15 years of service. Aside from proper installation, you can reap the full performance and multiple benefits of a water heater for longer simply through regular maintenance. These two essential points can only be addressed by a plumbing expert.

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Although a do-it-yourself approach may work in certain limited and more minor projects in your home, it poses risky business when it comes to more complex issues, such as your water heating system that involves water. You should know that your decision to tackle a DIY attempt carries a risk of wreaking havoc and possibly more damage. It is thus advised that you seek assistance from skilled pros to maximize your water heater’s performance and lifespan, as well as shorten the project’s duration.

Where to Find Reliable Plumbing Contractors in Tennessee

Plumbers 911 is your go-to place when looking for qualified technicians to do the best job for your home or business. We are dedicated to referring only the best professionals included in our high-standard listing of local plumbing contractors in Tennessee. We guarantee that all projects we take on, however big or small, will be entrusted in professional hands having undergone due examination, licensing, and regulation in installing, repairing, replacing or maintaining a water heater. We are fully aware of and strictly adhere to the Plumbing Law in the state of Tennessee.

 Advantages of Hiring Plumbers 911 for Water Heater Installation and Repair

If you start noticing strange noises coming from your water heater, or the process of heating water is simply not as quick as it used to be, then you most probably have a faulty water heater. Once you experience these tell-tale symptoms, immediately call us for a thorough assessment of the problem. Here’s why the pros are your best resort instead of non-licensed repairmen operating from a garage.  
  • Better Safe Than Sorry. Although you can promise yourselves to be extra careful in your DIY attempt on replacing or installing your water heater, a little accident can have a domino effect on your entire water system, and you don’t want to be in this sticky situation at all! Do take note that in water heaters, the potentially dangerous elements of electricity, gas and water are at work. Thus, letting the pros handle the situation is the wisest decision you can make for the safety and protection of your home or business. Our techs know exactly what they’re supposed to do, from taking precautionary measures to prevent accidents, to managing such inevitable accidents.
  • Save Your Resources. While taking the DIY path or resorting to cheaper garage-operating “plumbers” to save money can be tempting, in reality, you can save more time, money and energy simply by hiring the pros in the very beginning. By doing so, you won’t have to pay twice for having had a failed first attempt either through DIY or non-masters. We can assist you in finding and comparing quotes from local Tennessee contractors, for you to get the best deal to suit your budget and standards.
  • Trained and Certified. Having the necessary training and certification in their field, the pros are your safest bet in properly and effectively installing or replacing your water heater. Furthermore, they are aware of and strictly abide by certain state regulations, laws and codes that your project must meet.
  • They simply know better when it comes to choosing a new water heater suitable for your home or business, as well as dealing with, assessing and repairing a faulty one. Water heater experts can offer helpful pieces of advice on how to select the most efficient water heater type for your specific needs, circumstances and budget. In the case of water heater problems, our experienced technicians can conduct a thorough assessment of the situation, troubleshoot and detect the root of the problem more quickly. Once known, the issues can thus be addressed using skilled know-how, experience, and not to mention, special tools.
  • Safe and Proper Installation. When installing an appliance, you should definitely hire a pro and consequently institute a maintenance strategy. By building a relationship of trust with us, you’ll get the full benefits of having a professionally installed water heater. Remember that a water heater is not merely a tank with a heating component on the side. It involves more intricate water systems, electrical wiring, and fuel systems, and thus demand master expertise and special tools. By sticking to us consistently from installation to follow-ups and maintenance thereafter, we can service your unit more efficiently.
  • Regular Maintenance. Plumbing pros can inspect and adjust your water heating system as necessary. Whether the anode rod needs to be swapped out or the system flushed, we can help improve the general performance of your water heater through regular maintenance. As a result, you can enjoy lower utility bills, as well as lower the risks for unit failure and costly repairs. Rust and damage due to daily wear-and-tear can be significantly reduced, thus improving your water heater’s performance and extending its life. In the long run, a properly maintained unit makes a better and more practical investment than purchasing and installing a new one every now and then simply because of poor maintenance.
Aside from home insurance considerations, a water heating unit most likely comes with a warranty upon purchase, and this can be voided when a faulty installation or repair is done by an unlicensed worker. In other words, you’ll end up having to buy a new one and pay again to have it installed. In a nutshell, all this chaos can be prevented simply if you protect your warranty and investment by contacting Plumbers 911 in the very first place. 



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