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08 Nov

Troubleshooting and Sump Pump Repair in Berwyn, IL

Sump pumps are important in places that are prone to flooding. These are installed in basements to protect the property from water damage when flooding occurs. Hence, a broken sump pump should be repaired immediately. Almost all of the time, the needed repairs are simple and can be done even with little plumbing knowledge. This post will help guide you through troubleshooting and sump pump repair in Berwyn, Illinois. You may be able to apply a thing or two before you call a plumbing professional.

Sump Pump Parts and Their Common Problems

The typical lifespan of a sump pump is about a decade. Regular maintenance checks can do wonders to make a sump pump work efficiently until this time.


The sump pump’s float is the ball-shaped part that rises with the incoming flood water to automatically switch on the pump. Without the float, there will be nothing to trigger the pump and the basement will be flooded. Regularly check your sump pump’s float and make sure that there is no debris that could prevent it from rising or falling. Call a licensed Berwyn plumber immediately if you see that it’s broken.


An incorrectly installed check valve will cause problems, too. When the check valve doesn’t function properly, water will go back into the basin after the sump pump has shut down. This means more work for the unit which will in turn cause it to break down easily. The check valve should be inspected thoroughly for a build-up of debris. The arrow should also be always pointing away from the pump and not towards it.


If the sum pump makes an unusual noise, it is most likely the impeller causing it. A broken impeller should be immediately repaired by a licensed Berwyn plumber. Without it, the entire sump pump will not work. Probable cause is debris build-up. The impeller should be removed and thoroughly cleaned. Then, a filter should be installed after to avoid future debris build-ups.

Electrical Wiring

First, rule out if the inside electrical wiring of the sump pump is the problem or the power supply. Check your circuit breaker if it tripped or not. Then, see if there is a faulty connection. Lastly, inspect if there are broken wires. Once you ruled out this three, and the other parts of the sump pump are working fine, then it is most likely that the electrical wiring inside the unit is the culprit. Never try to repair this problem yourself. Call a plumbing professional immediately to avoid possible electrocution.

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