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09 Aug

Finding a Company for Sub-metering Installation

provider of sub-meter installation in Miami Shores VillageDo you own an apartment? Are utilities included in the rental? If it is, then you could be losing a lot of money each year on utility bills. This is because tenants are less concerned about energy conservation when they are not the ones paying for the utilities. Whether it be electricity or water, it is best to have your property sub-metered so each tenant will pay exactly how much energy he/she uses. You shouldn’t worry about retaining your bulk rate classification because your property will still have its master meter. Sub-metering installation is fairly easy if you know which reliable plumbing company to call.


Advantages of Having a Sub-Meter in Your Apartment

By installing a sub-meter in your apartment you will be able to:

  • Bill the exact amount of energy that is consumed by each tenant;
  • Change your tenant’s rates when the utility rates change; and
  • Make your apartment rates lower and more competitive because the cost of utilities is taken out.

How to Choose a Company for Sub-Metering Installation in Miami Shores Village

When finding a reputable sub-metering installation company, you should be asking the following questions:

  1. Is the company known to be reliable in the plumbing industry? You can ask around for recommendations from friends and family.
  2. Does the company understand the multi-family property set-up such as an apartment building?
  3. Is the company well-versed in South Florida’s local plumbing rules and regulations?
  4. Does the company install sub-meters that have been tested to be reliable and error-free? Sub-meters should meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  5. Is the sub-meter to be installed up-to-date and is still supported by its manufacturer?
  6. Does the company have a nationwide presence? Do they install sub-meters wherever in the country?
  7. Does the company rely on sub-contractors? If they do, are their subcontractors experienced in sub-metering installation? Are their installations supervised by a company representative?
  8. Is the company reachable 24/7 just in case you will need emergency repairs or check-ups?

Help Your Community Conserve Water by Installing a Sub-Meter

Sub-metering installation can help your community conserve water. Statistics have proven that installing a sub-meter can reduce water consumption by thirty-five percent. This is because conscious of their water usage as well as how much water they are wasting.

When tenants discover how big their water consumption is, they begin to check for leaks and have them repaired quickly. They also begin to be more careful in using plumbing fixtures installed. These will greatly benefit you as a property owner.

Trust Plumbers 911 for Your Sub-metering Installation Needs

Plumbers 911 have a wide database of licensed Miami Shores Village plumbers who can provide sub-metering installation services. These local plumbing professionals have already done at least 10 thousand hours of training and experience making them the best in the field. Aside from sub-metering installation in Miami Shores Village, the company can also provide upgrading and maintenance of existing sub-meters.

If you’re already decided to have sub-meters installed in your apartment building, call Plumbers 911 Florida at (305) 699-3368 to schedule an appointment.


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