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A 101 On Sewer Line Replacement Warning Signs, Methods And Costs

sewer-line-replacementEvery homeowner dreads the thought of damaged sewer lines that require replacement. And it’s not only because of the imminent expenses. Replacing sewer lines involve a lot of work especially during the older days when trenchless or no-dig methods were not yet around. Years ago, plumbers used to excavate the old pipes just so they could be removed and replaced. 15 years ago, trenchless methods have been introduced. So today, we want to share with you some important information about the causes of sewer line damage; the trenchless solutions available in the market and the average cost of these services.

What damages sewer lines?

Actually, there are many. Nature in itself can affect the condition of sewer pipes. Factors like pressure and temperature can damage the pipes as much as phenomena like earthquakes. Aside from these, constant usage and age also influence the life of the pipelines. Last but not the least, there’s tree root intrusion. If you have vegetation with strong roots that are situated near drain lines, chances are, the roots will crawl or worm their way into crevices or breaks in the pipe. They will keep on crawling in until there’s enough roots to block the flow of sewage in the pipes.

What are the sewer pipe repair options available?

There are a lot of repair methods that you can choose from but your plumber will suggest the best one based on the condition of your pipes; their location and other factors. Of course, there dig-and-replace methods are still available but if you’re looking for options that won’t involve excavation, here’s a quick list!

1. Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting involves the splitting of the affected tube from the inside. When it’s cracked or split, the fragments are going to be forced out then the replacement will follow through.

2.  CIPP or Cured-In-Place Piping

In CIPP, a polyester tube, fiberglass cloth or any sustainable material will be inserted in the affected pipe. It will be slid inside with the help of air pressure or water.  This way, the interior of the pipe will be renewed.

3. Slip-Lining

If your sewer line is leaking or if it needs restoration, slip-lining is the perfect solution. A smaller PVC, polyethylene or reinforced tube will be inserted in the damaged sewer line. To create a seal between the two layers, grout will be applied.

4. Mechanical Spot Repair

Mechanical spot repair is a method in which the damaged part of the pipe is repaired to give it a renewed efficiency and stability.

How much does sewer line replacement cost?

As always, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of plumbing services. In the case of sewer pipe replacement, research indicates that the average rate is $50 to $100 per foot for dig-and-replace methods. For trenchless sewer replacement, it was reported that the average cost ranges from $92 to $238 per foot. But of course, there is still a lot to consider. For instance, it could also be influenced by the average plumbing rates in your area. It also depends on the complexity of the project or the length of the damaged pipe. Just call your trusted plumbing company to get a quote.

We hope that you learned a lot about sewer line replacement through our blog today. If you’re experiencing sewer issues, just call the most reputable Lone Jack plumbing company. Plumbers 911 Missouri provides the best plumbing services in Lone Jack MO including leak detection, drain cleaning, backflow prevention, hydro-jetting and mainline video inspection. Call us at 816-326-8643 to schedule a service!

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To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

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