13 Jul

Answers To Top 5 Questions About Septic Tanks and Septic Tank Cleaning in Miami

Miami septic tank cleaning

Here’s a fact: twenty-five percent of all homes in America have septic tanks. Properties that are not tapped to the municipal sewer line has to have septic tanks installed a few meters away from the property. The septic tank will be the place where all solid and liquid wastes will go. We have compiled answers to top 5 questions on septic tanks and septic tank cleaning in Miami. Through this, we hope that you will be able to know the basics about septic tanks and septic tank cleaning.

How do septic tank systems work?

Septic tank systems are basically made of the septic tank itself. It is in this tank that wastes from the property go. The septic tank digests and separates the liquid from the solid waste matter. So-called leaching chambers will then slowly release the effluent into the soil or surface water.

Other septic tank systems have pumps that automatically trickle effluent into through sand or into man-made wetlands. Meanwhile, other septic tank systems are more sophisticated and can evaporate or disinfect wastewater before it is spilled back to the soil or surface water.

Why do septic tank systems fail?

Septic tanks systems fail because of bad design and failure to do routine maintenance. Some septic tanks are installed in places where there is little soil or surface water. Meanwhile, septic tank pumping should be done every 3 to 5 years and more frequently for smaller septic tanks. Pumping ensures that solid waste matter does not build up in the system and cause clogging. Pumping also includes septic tank cleaning and checking for cracks and leaks.

I have a septic tank installed. Is my family at risk for health and water quality problems?

There is no need to worry if you know that your septic tank system has been properly designed, installed, and maintained. Septic tank systems that may contaminate surface and ground water if not installed properly. It can also excessively release nitrogen to coastal waters which will cause the increase of algae in the water.

Can I clean and pump my own septic tank? 

Septic tank pumping and cleaning should always be left to the professionals. Only plumbing experts have the right tools and know-how in pumping and cleaning your septic tank. Septic tank pumping will require a vacuum-powered septic pump truck that only plumbing companies have. Also, you avoid the nasty smell and risk of getting a life-threatening disease if you hire the pros to do the dirty job for you.

Who should I call for my septic tank cleaning and pumping needs?

Plumbers 911 Florida can connect you with the most reliable local Miami plumbers. All you have to do is call (305) 699-3368 to schedule a visit right away.


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