07 Jul

DIY Plumbing Tips To Keep Your Home Plumbing At Tip-Top Shape!

plumbing-tipsWe’ve always emphasized the need to hire professionals when plumbing emergencies arise. Licensed plumbing experts have undergone rigorous training; passed the certification exam and have rich on-the-job experiences which make them competent in the field. Aside from competence, they also have the right tools and equipment that allow them to solve plumbing problems with ease. However, we also cannot deny that some of you have skills and would want to apply quick fixes before we get to your doorstep. With that being said, let us share DIY plumbing tips with you today!

1. If you’re tired of hearing a gong-like sound whenever you use your kitchen sink, you can actually deaden this noise through the installation of a pad underneath the washbasin. If you are using a double sink, you can apply expanding foam between the two and that will also reduce the noise.

2. If your sink drain ever gets clogged, you must first use a plunger before removing the trap and hooking the clog from there. Otherwise, water will just flow out of the trap and make your kitchen cabinet or bathroom messy. Plunging the sink’s drain will push the water into the pipe and out of the trap.

3. When you have a double-sink and one of them is blocked up, you must use a rag or an old cloth to plug the washbasin that’s working. Once you’ve plugged it, you can go ahead and proceed with plunging the affected sink.

4. Are you hearing weird sounds from your pipes as well? Hot water makes copper pipes expand thus making them rub against joists, against each other or against pipe hangers. To get rid of the noise, you have to wrap the pipes with adhesive-backed felt. This way, even if they grind against each other, they won’t produce any noise at all.

5. To contribute in your water heater’s optimal performance, make sure to insulate the tank (if you have a tank-type unit) and its supply pipes. This way, the water will be kept warm and less standby heat loss is produced.

6. You most probably have a garbage disposal at home. When you encounter problems with it, make sure that you’ll turn off the circuit breaker or electrical panel where the appliance is hooked to before making any troubleshooting or repair.

7. This could already be a no-brainer to you since we’ve been emphasizing this on our previous posts. Never make use of chemical cleaning agents to unclog your drain pipes. These things contain harsh chemical ingredients that will damage the pipelines in the end.

8. If you have kids at home, we’re pretty sure that there will be a lot of times when they’ll drop toys and what-nots in the toilet. In cases like these, there’s no need to remove the toilet right away. You can try to hook the foreign object out with a wire coat hanger or siphon it out with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

9. Speaking of toilets, if you ever discover that your ceramic throne has a weak flush, just pour a bucket of water to flush the waste.

10. Clogged toilets are among the most common plumbing issues you’ll experience at home. Use a plunger to get rid of the clog. If that won’t work, use a plumbing snake.

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