02 Sep

What Is A Plumbing Snake?

plumbing-snakeDrain clogs are among the most common plumbing problems that you’ll encounter at home. Homeowners usually get rid of them through the use of baking soda and vinegar or with the help of a plunger. When these methods fail to clean the drain pipe, a plumbing snake should be helpful!

What Is A Plumbing Snake?

A plumbing snake is also referred to as a toilet jack or an electric eel.  It is a drilling device that features a slender and flexible wire with a rotating helical screw at the end. The wire is maneuvered into the pipe with the use of a manual crank or a motor. If the clog can be shredded, the auger should be able to break it into smaller pieces. If the blockage is light, it may also be snagged or hooked out. The plumbing snake is also capable of scraping the sticky substances, sediments and minerals off the pipe.

What Are The Different Types Of Auger

1. Hand Auger

The hand auger is perfect for clearing drain pipes in the bathtub and the sink. It is not designed for toilets because the thin wire of the snake may actually get tangled up inside the toilet drain. To use the hand auger, simply insert the wire into the drain. Turn the crank clockwise while giving it a slight push to break through the clog. If the blockage is caused by a light object, you may actually pull it out.

2. Closet Auger

As the name implies, the closet auger is designed for toilets — a fixture that was called as the water closet years ago. The wire of the closet auger is relatively shorter than that of the hand auger. It features a hook shape to make it easier for the plumber to insert it into the toilet drain. It also has a plastic boot on its auger in order to protect the toilet from getting scratched or damaged. Toilet clogs usually take place in the trap which is why the closet auger’s short wire is perfect for the job.

3. Drum Auger

The drum auger, meanwhile, is perfect for different types of pipes. A distinct feature of this auger is its motor which makes it a powerful tool in eradicating tree roots inside the drainline. However, you should know that drum augers should only be used by trained plumbers because one wrong move may actually damage the pipe, even if it’s made from copper.

4. Roto-Rooter

The famous Roto-Rooter is an electric auger that was invented by Samuel Blanc in 1933. It has cables and blades that rotate as they break through tree roots that linger inside sewer lines.

We hope that you learned more about the use and importance of a plumbing snake. For plumbers to identify the location of the clog, they’ll use a camera for drain inspection. If you ever experience the same issue, just call the most reliable plumbers in Kearney MO. Plumbers 911 provides exceptional plumbing services in Kearney MO such as drain cleaning services in Kearney MO, Kearney MO leak detection services, septic tank maintenance in Kearney MO, hydro-jetting services in Kearney MO and many more! Call us at 816-326-8643 to schedule a service!

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