19 May

A 101 On Outdoor Faucet Parts

outdoor faucet partsMost homes have outdoor faucets which are handy when you’re cleaning the car, watering the plants or filling the inflatable pool up during a hot summer day. However, since these faucets are exposed to several elements, they are prone to deterioration and damage. Over the years, an outdoor faucet will get rusty or leak. And when that time comes, you’ll know what to anticipate: water wastage and a high utility bill. To help you resolve faucet issues, you should be aware of the fixture’s parts. Here’s a list for your reference.

1. Handle – Obviously, when this part of the faucet is turned, the fixture’s valve is opened or closed which will allow or stop water from flowing out of the spout.

2. Faucet Valve – The faucet’s valve is responsible for controlling the flow rate of water out of the tap.

3. Spout – This is where the water flows out of the fixture.

4. Aerator – This component is found at the tip of the faucet and regulates the water flow so that it won’t splash out.

5. Faucet Stem – This part of the fixture connects the faucet’s body to its spout.

6. Washer – A faucet washer is made from rubber and is the one that makes the fixture leak-free. It creates a seal and prevents water from escaping out of the fixture.

7. Valve Seat – This is the faucet’s part where the valve and washer are attached to.

8. Bonnet Nut / Packing Nut – These are strings made from graphite or infused with Teflon. Their purpose is to a prevent the valve stem from leaking.

9. Gaskets / Stem Ring – These are also called as O-rings and are made from rubber or metal. They make sure that the fixture’s joint connections are leak-free.

10. Stem Screws – These components of your faucet ensure that the rubber washers are connected to the stem’s end.

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