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boiler installation syracuseAny home or business facility in Syracuse needs a boiler, this is a fact as boilers power both the hot water and the central heating system. As an essential part of any facility or home, the boiler has to be in tip top condition all the time, no room for any type of technical issue to prevent uncomfortable periods in the routine of everyone. Not having a boiler could disrupt daily activities and potentially lead to loss of money.

What is a boiler?

Boilers are fuel-burning apparatus used for heating water or a tank for generating steam under pressure in a steam engine. It could also be a household device that provides hot-water supply or serving a central heating system. Steam is passed through pipes in order to heat the air that will flow through floor systems, baseboard radiators, or it warms air through coils. Compared to water boilers, they are much less efficient and work at a higher temperature. Frequent inspection of a boiler is a must to ensure that the units are working at optimum efficiency no matter the type. Plumbers 911 HVAC-R technicians are all capable of analyzing each part of a boiler to ensure that it is working the way it should be. You will not only get inspection but also repairs required so as not to interrupt its efficiency and to avoid costly repairs in the future.

How does a residential boiler differ from a commercial one?

Both serve the same purpose and their only difference is the amount of BTU or British Thermal Unit. The BTU is the amount of water they can hold and given this, it is obvious that a commercial boiler is far way bigger than a home boiler. Any boiler unit holding less than three hundred thousand (300,000) BTUs is considered a private home boiler. If it is holding more than this amount, then it is considered a private home boiler. Plumbers 911 service technicians are not just knowledgeable in home boiler units and commercial boilers but they are also highly-trained to install, inspect, and repair this most important plumbing appliance.

How to Understand the Energy Efficiency Rating of Boilers

A boiler has an efficiency rating which needs to be understood to get better efficiency. Efficiency ratings are measured by AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency for units under 300,000 BTUH input. Nowadays, manufacturers and distributors of new boilers are required to display the AFUE to give consumers the chance to compare units and help them find the best ones for their home or office. To give you a better understand on AFUE, it is the total annual fossil fuel energy consumption by a boiler. Here is one example: Since an all-electric boiler has a no flue-loss through a chimney, it has an AFUE rating between 95-100%.
Did you know that each type of boiler has a minimum AFUE requirement? The AFUE requirement varies based on the heating medium and its fuel. In September 2012, the Federal Trade Commission, has stated that all boilers must have these ratings:
  • All- Electric boilers- 95-100 %
  • Gas-fired steam boiler – 80%
  • Gas-fired hot water boiler – 82%
  • Oil- fired steam boiler – 82%
  • Oil -fired hot water boiler – 84%
The percentage chart above will now give you this question: which type of fuel source is more economical to use? Fuel sources vary from country to country therefore suggesting which ones are better than others is not a good idea. And because in other parts of the world electricity prices are quite steep, getting all-electric boilers are proven to be uneconomical. A lot of factors come into play in making a decision in choosing a fuel source:
  • Servicing
  • Price
  • Availability
The HVAC-R experts that Plumbers 911 will send to your home or office will give you an advice in determining the best kind of boiler for you. However, it is always up to you to make the final decision.

Why do boilers stop working?

boiler | Syracuse HVAC expertsJust like any plumbing appliance installed in a home, boilers may stop working at some point. This could be frequent if the unit is not well-maintained. Boilers are efficient but they could also face problems, this is why frequent checks are a must to avoid the unit from going useful to useless during the time you need it the most — yes, during winter! Not everyone is aware of this hence the broken boilers episodes. If you feel that the temperature in your home or office is a bit colder than normal, there must be a problem. Here are some of the reasons why your unit is not working as usual.
  • Electrical problems – Check the pilot light of your unit if it is working. Having a non-working pilot light could affect your safety blower, electrical ignition, and circulation pumps, because all of these depend on electricity to work. Also verify if the circuit breakers have not flipped.
  • Thermostat – Sometimes this gets changed without you realizing it. Check if it is set to a point below a comfortable temperature.
  • Faulty components – Only a professional service tech can address this issue. Never try to fix the unit yourself especially if you have very little to zero knowledge on boilers.
  • Gas supply – If your unit is working on gas, then the gas flow could be insufficient. Check if it is in an open position as it could have been turned off at some point.
A professional may recommend an annual check-up for your units. Follow this as it could help your boiler’s life span. A simple problem may become a big issue in the future leading you to a more expensive repair, worse, change of unit.

Boilers may affect your heating problem

Oftentimes, when a boiler conks up, you will not be getting any heat at all. There are some things that you can do yourself first before calling for professional help. Is the power of your boiler turned on? Is the thermostat set to heat and you have turned up the temperature? Download the user manual’s troubleshooting guide online. This could save you so many times and has answers to most questions of a user. If you are unable to solve the problem OR if you think that the issue is beyond your knowledge, do not try anything else. Contact us to ensure that the issue gets addressed to immediately. How often should you have your boilers checked? At least annually. Both the residential and commercial boiler needs checking at least once a year for it to work efficiently. It is also a must to check with your manufacturer as each make and model has a different schedule for its periodic maintenance. We highly recommend that you get your unit checked before the cold weather sets in to ensure that it will not conk out during winter. Plumbers 911 has insured, certified, and bonded plumbers who are all more than qualified to handle your boilers. Call us for a reasonably priced efficient service.

To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

We will get through this together To say we are living in “unprecedented” challenging times would be an understatement. We hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. We would like to list a few pieces of information and websites that we think will be helpful for you during this time.

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Plumbers are considered essential workers during this time and we will continue to work as our number one priority is to “protect the health of the nation.” Stay well, stay safe and we will get through this together.

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