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There are many reasons that a professional Somerville plumber may need to be called, and calling one of our expert technicians is important. Whether it is an emergency or a simple repair, calling in a specialist is the best thing to do. Why should I call a professional when I can make the repairs myself? The reason for this is that if the problem is larger than you think it is, meaning there could be a larger problem behind what is causing a leak or blockage. If you try to repair it yourself you can make the issue worse. There are some very simple repairs that can be made by yourself, but we suggest that you call our expert technicians just to make sure things are done correctly.

How Will I Know When to Call a Licensed Plumber in Somerville NJ?

Here are a few known projects and problems that are definitely a must for calling in one of our professional techs.
  • Permits for what you are doing may be required – Items like installing plumbing or gas lines for your new BBQ grill most often require a permit, professionals can acquire these permits for you.
  • Water heaters – Unless you are a professional working on a water heater is not suggested as a DIY project. There are a number of different things that can go wrong leading to having to call us anyway, or even to injury to yourself or your home. Even a tiny adjustment can lead to a costly leak.
  • Big projects like tub replacements, shower valve replacements, and other remodeling jobs that seem small and easy can result in future damage if not installed correctly.
  • If a toilet is backing up into the sink and shower then the main line can be the culprit and this is definitely a job for our technicians to handle.

A plumber attaching two components together | Somerville PlumberWhy Call in a Somerville Plumbing Tech?

There are a few things that we mistakenly do that can cause us to call a plumber. These may be everyday things that we don’t understand are harming our plumbing and fixtures. Things like:
  • Placing heavy shampoo/shower racks on the shower head – this can snap off the head at the threads, causing a need for replacement and this can cost a pretty penny depending on the damage it caused.
  • Propping your foot on the bathtub spout this can bend and even break them.
  • The garbage disposal is not a trash compactor. Not all food items should be placed down a garbage disposal this can clog and even bend or break the blades. Items like vegetable or fruit peels and hard fruit rinds are not items that should go in there.
  • When DIY projects are done, putting 2 different metals together without the proper connector. Certain metals are not made to go together and corrosion can happen quicker, which can clog and close the pipe.
  • Kids and toilets- this is a common problem the toy or item, is not always snake-able, it can get caught in the trap and then the bowl needs to be removed to retrieve it. Plunging can also make the matter worse.
  • Dumping of cleaning and construction materials down a sink, these items can corrode, damage, and even harden and block the pipes.
  • Cranking on the handle of faucets to stop drips – this will not help, and can snap them off or even make matters worse.
  • Overtightening of threads in DIY projects
  • Forgetting how things are supposed to go back together- if you’re doing the repairs yourself and you forget how it is supposed to go together then you have the problem of it is not fixed and calling us will cost more money than you would have if you had just called the professionals in the first place.

What Problems Can Happen When Doing Repairs or Installations Yourself?

There are many issues that can arise from handling your own issues, instead of calling in the professionals. There are some fixtures that are made different now than they were many years ago so trying to fix them may not be so simple. Plungers may cause more damage as the problem may be at the trap.

leak detection 2 | Somerville PlumberWhy Contact Your Plumbing Pros in Somerville?

We are highly-trained and licensed specialists that understand your needs.  Our technicians keep up to date on all of the new technology and state-of-the-art equipment that it will take to ensure that all your repairs are taken care of correctly. Our servicemen are thoroughly background and drug checked to ensure that you will feel comfortable with them in your home. We are available 24/7 all year long to ensure that you have repairs taken care of quickly and efficiently. When you need maintenance and service, call Plumbers 911, we will ensure that you have your fixtures, pipes and other issues working in no time.

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To all our friends and customers regarding COVID-19

We will get through this together To say we are living in “unprecedented” challenging times would be an understatement. We hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. We would like to list a few pieces of information and websites that we think will be helpful for you during this time.

  • To get the most current information on the COVID-19 virus, please check the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website at:
  • icon showing hand under faucet with large water droplets falling on hand Please wash your hands frequently. Washing with soap and water for twenty seconds is the preferred method, however when water is not available, please use an alcohol based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • icon of person covering mouth while coughing and a border separating from displeased person close by Practice social distancing by staying at least six feet away from another person.
  • For those of you with children that are looking for something fun to do, there are virtual field trips you can take with your kids that are fun and educational. Here is a link:

Plumbers are considered essential workers during this time and we will continue to work as our number one priority is to “protect the health of the nation.” Stay well, stay safe and we will get through this together.

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