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Frozen/Broken Pipes Service | Bridgewater Plumber If you did not leave your faucet dripping with the freezing temperatures, then you may experience frozen and broken pipes. Unfortunately by the time you turn on your faucet and no water comes out you know what the problem is. The next step is locating the section and having the professionals investigate for cracks and begin the defrosting phase. After you try all your faucets, then you can have an idea of the magnitude of this issue. When frozen pipes are inside your house, even in the basement makes them much easier to detect and repair. If the fraction or freeze is outside your home, then the detection process could be more in depth.

What Should I Do When My Pipes Freeze?

If you have no water flow you know at that point that the pipes are frozen somewhere. Here are some suggestions to help ease the pressure of the situation and mostly prevent more damage to your home.
  • First and foremost shut off your main water valve.
  • Contact neighbors to be sure the issue is in your home and not a main water line.
  • Visually check your lines that are available for any signs of ice or damage.
  • Call your local trusted plumbing specialists
Some homeowners will let nature take its course and thaw on its own. However, you will be without water for however long this may take. If you choose to leave the main water off and wait for thawing, at this point you need to be sure there was no damage to water lines before turning your water back on. Broken PipeThis is a time when our customers find it easier and less stressful to just call their local Bridgewater plumber to handle the situation completely for them. Calling the experts not only may save you money by avoiding more damage but will definitely save you time by not doing all these steps yourself. If your neighbor verifies that they have no water then chances are the problem is in the main line out in the street. At this point, your locals are responsible and you have no reason to investigate further. However, it is a good idea to have someone at your house when the service is repaired and water is back on to be sure you actually did not have any freezing or cracking issues. When winter is upon us in Bridgewater NJ temperatures can dip pretty low. By following all these tips does not guarantee you will never have frozen or broken water pipes, but they may help eliminate the possibility. If you live in mobile modular home or RV, then you are more susceptible to having your pipes freeze quicker.

Preparation Tips from Your Local Plumbers in Bridgewater

  • Be familiar with the layout of your home. Locate areas that may be the most vulnerable to those harsh temps, like the basement, crawl spaces, outside walls, and faucets. Unheated rooms that may have water lines are definitely at the top of the list for concern.
  • Everyone in your home should know where the main water shut off valve is located. This is a very major point to get your water shut off immediately in the event of a bursting pipe.
  • Seal any cold air drafts that are near water lines. This could include any broken windows, drafts around doors, shutting off any crawl spaces, and being sure your walls are insulated.
  • Outside pipes need to be wrapped for insulation, some homeowners use newspaper or fabric instead of pipe insulation.
  • All outside faucets should have insulated covers on them or wrapped with cloth for protection from the cold wind.
  • If you find snow on your meter, just leave it. Snow acts as an insulator against the cold winds and temperatures.
  • With below freezing temps, it is recommended to allow a trickle of water to flow. The extra cost is minute and will save you more in the event of a frozen disaster.
  • Where pipes are inside cabinets or closed areas open the doors to allow for heat to circulate in that closed up area.
  • If you live in a mobile or modular home or RV, be sure to put skirting around the base to prevent as much cold air flow as possible and be sure to insulate all piping as much as possible.
  • Some residents have gone the extra mile and purchased a freeze alarm. These alarms work similar as a security system and will call your selected phone when temperatures drop below 45 degrees.
If you are out of town, it is important to have a friend, relative, or neighbor preferably to check on your home during harsh weather.

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