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Sump Pump Repairs | Montana Plumbers It is normal for a homeowner to have water supply problems once in a while. Sometimes, water supply from the main public utility is low causing the reduction of water pressure from the main pipes going to individual homes. To solve this problem, most homeowners install pressure tanks in their homes. The pressure tank uses a pump that draws water from the mains and stores a certain volume of water in the tank. Once the tank is full, the pump then delivers water to the home at constant pressure. Thus, water supply is never a problem to homes equipped with pressure tanks. However, if a homeowner neglects the upkeep of his pressure tank system, sooner or later, it will bog down. Why? The system has moving parts such as the pump motor, other moving parts, the pressure valves and the pressure gauges. These things have to be properly maintained, most preferably by a professional plumbing service focused on pump repairs such as our referral network — Plumbers 911.

Three Most Common Pump Problems

There are two common pump issues that can happen to any water system. These are: 1. Short pump cycling or intermittent pump cycling A pressure tank system operates round-the-clock, unless you turn the system off. That means the system is activated once you turn a tap and then it shuts off once the tap is closed. Actually, the pump fills up the pressure tank with water until a pre-set pressure is reached and then it shuts off. Whenever you use water, the tank drains and the pressure inside it decreases. If the inside pressure reaches the lowest pressure threshold, the pump will kick in, draws in water again, until it reaches the highest pressure threshold and then shuts off. Now, if you notice that the pumping cycle of your pressure tank system is getting short, or becoming intermittent, there is a problem with the system or the motor. It’s either the pump is not working efficiently or there is something that causes it to not work as it should. Unless you are a specialist, you won’t be able to assess the problem and make the necessary repairs. The best way then is to ask call us to schedule an appointment, so that our plumbing contractors from our huge network would be able to take a look. 2. Weak or No Water Pressure Weak or no water pressure can be caused by many things. The causes could be worn out pumps, clogged purification system and filters, clogged pipes and clogged pumps, and problems with the pressure tank itself. In pressure tank systems, there are two classes of problems – mechanical and electrical. Mechanical problems relate to the mechanical parts of the system like the pumps, the valves, the pressure gauges, the filters and the pipes. Electrical problems relate to the electric motor that powers the pump. Clogging may be caused by dirty water being sucked in by the pump and which is circulated in the system. When parts are clogged and the system is forced to operate, clogging will persist and dirty substances from the water supply will accumulate compromising the integrity of all the parts of the system. Electrical problems may be due to loss of contact between positive and negative poles of the electric motor or could be caused by a short-circuit in the wires, or the electric motor being forced to work overtime. The latter case is dangerous because it may lead to motor burnout – which is very expensive to repair. 3. Water source is inadequate or none at all If your pressure tank draws water from a deep well, and you find that there’s not enough water being pumped out from the well, and yet there seems to be no problem with your water pumping system, the most probable cause is that there’s not enough water or no water at all at the well. If your pressure tank system is connected to the main public water utility supply, and you encounter the same problem as mentioned above, the problem could be caused by inadequate or no water supply at all in the mains. There is no problem with your pumping system if these are the reasons of low or no water pressure. You need not call for the help of a pump repair service because there is no problem with your system.

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Calling for the help of a licensed tech cannot be overemphasized when it comes to checking and repairing your water pump system. Consider this: your pressure tank system is very expensive and you must have saved some amount of money to get one installed in your house. Anything that happens to the system that will cause it to malfunction or not deliver water at all can mean costly repairs.

Montana sump pump plumbingOf course, you don’t want anything to happen to your water pumping system. That is the reason why you need to maintain it regularly so that it will continue to work efficiently and not to bog down. But if you neglect its upkeep, you may end up being more stressed and probably burn a hole in your wallet. Even then, you also need to factor natural causes such as weather disturbances, winter storms and such things. And since you are dealing with mechanical and electrical parts that constantly turn and move, you can expect things to happen to your pump system that will need repairs. It is therefore wise for you to get maintenance and repair contract with us as soon as possible, even if there’s still no problem with your pump and your water system. Call us for maintenance checks for us to be able to assess your pump. Don’t wait for the problem to come up before you seek a solution. This is the situation where most dishonest plumbers make their killing because they know that the customer urgently needs their help. If you will prepare in advance, you won’t get caught in this situation.  

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