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sewer inspection service in MTWhether you are buying your first family home or purchasing your fifth investment building, the process of acquiring property can be both exciting and stressful. With the flurry of emotions and possibilities, it is easy to let certain things and concerns fall by the wayside. Most people are concerned more with the financial aspects of the purchase. Bank accounts do take a hit when buying a home so the concern is unsurprising. However, the procedures that are forgotten tend to have dire consequences when you already own the property. A perfect example of an over looked processes is the sewer inspection.

Accurate Sewer Inspection by Your Montana Plumbing Expert

A sewer inspection involves the use of a specifically designed waterproof camera in order to inspect the interiors of pipelines and sewer pipes. The camera is pliable enough making the process of the inspection non-destructive. The inspection is often done in order to assess whether the sewage system in a particular property is up to standard. Home inspections before property purchase are almost always a requirement. Realtors often ask possible buyers when they would like to schedule inspections for pests, asbestos or radon. However unlike standard home inspections, a sewer inspection is not a part of the routine checks done to houses that are for sale.
Moreover, most home insurance policies have specific exclusions surrounding the repair and replacement of sewer lines. Many homeowners fall into the trap of buying a home and getting stuck with expensive sewer repairs because they failed to have the pipelines checked.

Why a Plumbing Contractor in Montana Should Check Your Sewers

sewer line camera inspection in MontanaArguably, having a working sewage line is more important than having a massive garden with a gazebo. Everyone that would be living on the property would make use of the facilities. Below are a few reasons why you should consider a sewage inspection for the property you are interested in: • A sewer inspection would identify whether the pipelines were made from poor materials. In the past, sewer lines were built using materials that would now be considered subpar. For instance, in the 1950s pipelines were put in place using Orangeburg, which is a type of paper. Over the years it has been observed that Orangeburg can disintegrate and collapse. Having your sewer lines checked would ensure that the property would have top of the line pipes that would last a long time. • Tree roots might be present along the sewer line. Tree roots growing into the pipeline is actually a common occurrence. If you are lucky, industrial grade chemicals can easily resolve the tree root problem. However, some tree roots often damage the sewer line severely that the whole line might need to be replaced. • A property built before the city sewers often have issues with their sewer lines Houses and buildings constructed before the city sewers were set in place might be connected to a cesspool. Cesspools were used and built before regulations for septic systems were drafted. Having a cesspool near a property exposes its residents to waste water leaking into drinking water. In short, cesspools are bad for your health. • An older house might need an update on its sewer lines. Problems with the sewer line can occur whether the house was built a century ago or it is a mere five years old. However, the longer the sewer lines have been in use the more likely it is to suffer from breakdowns. Having it checked before signing a mortgage that would tie you to the property for decades would save you more money in the long run. • Simply put, the sewer line might be broken. Legally, home sellers are bound by law to disclose any and all issues surrounding the property they are selling. However, the case of withholding pertinent information is hard to prove in court. Conducting a sewer inspection would easily shed light on whether the pipelines are broken. It is after all a hefty investment and covering all your bases is simply a smart home buying move.

What Can You Expect from an Inspection?

Each company may have their own way of conducting a sewer inspection. However, most if not all pipeline checks involve a specially designed camera and three steps. 1. Using the camera The camera can be inserted through two entrances. They may choose to start from the access pipe to a manhole. Consequently, the camera might be inserted between two manholes. The camera is attached to a camera tractor with a flexible cable. Once an entryway has been decided on, the camera tractor is lowered into the pipeline. The cable with the camera is then extended through the sewer line or until the cable runs out. 2. Running the camera through the sewer line There are instances that the pipeline is too small in diameter for the camera tractor. In these cases, a rigid fish is used in order to inspect the sewer line. 3. Assessing the video The analysis of the line is usually done while the camera is being dragged through the pipe. The camera is usually connected to screens which are located inside the plumber’s van. Software like ITpipes, Cues and WinCan are used in order to assess the situation of the inspected pipeline. Buying a property is an overwhelming and exciting time. However, it is a big enough investment that it is important to have all your bases covered. Before signing that mortgage, make sure that you have the sewer lines inspected and marked with a seal of professional approval. Our technicians can help you with all your pipeline inspection needs. We understand how important of a decision it is to buy a home. Likewise, we are familiar with the stresses that come with the process.   For quality service that you can depend on, choose only a company that has the best reputation. We have a network that guarantees only honest results! Contact us today to get your quote or to set up an appointment to have your sewage lines inspected.  

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