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Septic tanks | Professional Montana Plumber Summer is now in full swing. The warm weather the season brings can only mean out of town trips, beach excursions, backyard barbecues and brunch parties the entire family can enjoy. Considering the fantastic weather and the promise of all summertime activities, it is easy to forget home maintenance repairs that need to be done before the winter season arrives. Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked parts of a property is the septic tank. In as much as it is overlooked, we at Plumbers 911 cannot stress the importance of knowing how your tank works and keeping it in tiptop shape.

Tips to Avoid Septic Tank Problems from Your Trusted Montana Plumber

A well-installed system can go without need for repair for decades. However, there are ways in which you can prevent your tank from prematurely giving out. Avoid flushing objects that do not easily decompose Septic tanks are designed in order to treat and handle wastes that easily rot. As such, it is best not to flush materials like condoms, feminine products, cigarette butts and diapers. These materials would settle at the bottom of your tank with the solids making it hard for the system to do its job. Cars should be parked far away from the tank Pressure from the weight of the vehicles can damage the pipes that make up a part of the system. It is a good idea to park your cars away from it. Practice mindful landscaping Certain plants can hide a septic system’s unsightly pipes. However, planting flowers and shrubs might make it difficult for professionals to access the tank when it is time to clean it. A home would not be a safe place to live in even if it is the most expensive home in the world, if its septic tank keeps on malfunctioning. To ensure that this tank is always in its tip top shape, you need to have it regularly checked by one of the network of professional plumbers at Plumbers 911.  

What is a septic system and how does it work?

A septic system, which is composed of a tank and a leaching mechanism, stores and treats wastes that come from any given property. About 25% of American households are equipped with septic systems. Most often these are used in houses located in rural areas. It is rather complicated to explain how a septic system works. Nevertheless, all household wastes flow into the septic tank. Effluent, which is the watery waste, fills most of the tank. On the other hand, solid waste particles called sludge falls to the bottom of the tank. Effluent flows to the drain field where bacteria can treat the water that would later seep into the ground.

Regular Maintenance Provided by Our Montana Plumbing Experts

It is not wise to think that since you have installed the very best and the most durable septic tank you can afford, you don’t need to check it regularly if it is functioning well. Although these tanks are made to last for many years, they are still subject to wear and tear considering the corruptive substances that they contain. As you are using your tank several times 24/7, it is bound to develop certain problems. And if you neglect its required preventive maintenance, it might develop a major problem forcing you to spend money for major repairs.

Common Problems of Septic Tanks

Even if you carefully use it, it can develop this very common problem: foul tank odor. There are other problems that may develop but tank odor is the most common of all. Here are the reasons why this problem always comes up: Faulty Gaskets/Seals If there is a broken gasket or seal in a pipe joint, foul odor will emanate from the tank and waft to the toilet and inside your home. Vent Stack Problems The purpose of the vent stack is to convey foul odor from the tank to the outside. But if there’s a problem with the stack, faulty smell will not be able to get out, and will find its way inside your house. Dry Drain The most common cause of foul odor in the septic tank is a dry drain. Most drains have a water trap which is a U-shaped pipe connector usually filled with water preventing gases from passing through. If this trap is dry, smelly gases will be able to enter your house.

What You Can Do to Prevent These Problems

You need to be conscious about maintaining your septic tank, even if it is the most technologically advanced tank in the world. Here are some basic tasks you can perform: Reduce the wastewater going to your septic tank Your system has a maximum volume of waste water that it can receive. If the amount of wastewater and solid particles you allow to get through is always at the maximum level, you are putting too much pressure on your septic tank. It will break down sooner or later. Check the tank and its leaching field regularly Inspect your tank and its leaching field to determine if there are damaged or busted pipes, and aggressive plant or root growth. If these problems are not corrected, it may lead to expensive repairs. Pump out the septic tank A good practice in septic tank preventive maintenance is to have its contents pumped out every 2 to 5 years. Of course, you will need a pumping machine and a large container to do this. And this is where you need to call a one of the network of plumbing technicians at Plumbers 911.

Why you need to have your septic tank professionally cleaned or repaired

Even a functioning and well-kept septic system accumulates sludge at the bottom of the tank. The build-up causes the tank to perform below its capacity thus increasing your water bill. It is tempting to do the cleaning or the repairs by yourself. However, doing repairs on a septic system can be daunting. The way the tank and the leaching mechanism work together requires in-depth knowledge. As such, making a small mistake can lead to more repairs and more costs. Plumbers 911 can help you with all your septic system needs. Contact us today. We want to help!

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