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Frozen Broken Pipes | Montana Plumbers There’s nothing more grueling than having to deal with frozen or broken pipes. However, the task at hand must be dealt with immediately instead of prolonging your distress. Plumbers 911 Montana offers the following tips which can dramatically reduce your stress load and minimize damage.

What Causes These Plumbing Problems

When extremely cold weather combines with chilly winds, there is a considerable chance that your pipes might burst. Pipe water in subzero temperatures is turned into ice, expanding and blocking the line. As a result, this obstruction drastically increases pressure all throughout the entire system, causing vulnerability and failure. Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not spare any pipe however apparently strong the material may be, whether it is steel, copper or plastic. In other words, pressure spares nothing. A singular and tiny crack unleashes over 250 gallons of water in twenty four hours. Burst pipes result in severe property damage, costly repairs and business interruption.

Helpful Tips from Your Local Montana Plumbing Tech

• First and foremost, immediately turn off your home’s water supply valve upon any suspicion pointing to a broken pipe. This significantly reduces the pressure, minimizes water wastage and flooding, and limits the damage to your home. • Shutting down your home’s main power must be done immediately, especially if the problematic lines are in dangerously close proximity to electrical switches. • After having switched off the water and power supply, appliances and furniture should be moved to a safe area away from the damaging water. After all, there’s no assurance that insurance can replace or cover everything. • If you’ve located the frozen pipe and it is accessible, try thawing it using a hairdryer. Never ever resort to using open flame for thawing as this can be very dangerous. Make sure that the faucet connected to the problematic pipe is open. This allows the safe diffusion of steam and water that will come out due to the thawing process. • Also make sure to thaw a pipe starting from the faucet and working backward to the other end of the frozen line. As the ice melts, steam and water is safely diffused out through the open faucet. Starting anywhere in the middle of the frozen line will turn ice into steam, trapping it and building considerable pressure to rupture the pipe. • Drain your water system as speedily as you can. You can do this by turning on every single faucet in your home, as well as flushing the toilets. By doing so, you are helping disperse or distribute water and pressure away from the burst pipes, effectively draining the remaining water in the pipes. To speed up the draining process, it would be helpful to safely turn off your home’s heaters, which includes the boiler and the central heating, before turning on all hot water faucets in your home. • While in the process of draining, it only makes sense to, somehow or other, gather the water gushing from the broken pipes to minimize the damage to the walls, the ceiling, the floor, as well as appliances and furniture. Use any possible vessel within reach, such as pots and pans, buckets, vases or basins. • After having contained and controlled the situation to a certain degree, call Plumbers 911 Montana ASAP. Our professional technicians will be there in no time to assess and fix the situation. • Contact and notify your insurance provider regarding the damages and losses in your home. Your chances of claiming insurance would be considerably better if you take pictures and write down the details of the incident.

Why Call Our Network of Licensed Contractors from Plumbers 911

Don’t wait until you actually experience ruptured pipes. Early on, you should know who to call when emergency situations like this present themselves. Choose a company you can trust and depend on. Plumbers 911 Montana is your most reliable option.
We have a team of trained, certified, skilled and experienced plumbing technicians who can make quick and accurate diagnoses, as well as implement a plan of action efficiently and professionally. We display cleanliness and organizational skills from beginning to end, strictly following hygienic and sanitary procedures. We are prompt and punctual as permitted by distance and circumstances. If the emergency happens during inconvenient times of the day, perhaps almost nearing midnight or in the wee hours of the morning,we will be there as soon as we possibly could, considering the untimely circumstances. You’ll rest assured though that we will be there on time in the case of scheduled visits. Aside from handling basic repairs and emergency circumstances, our specialization also extends to remodeling and renovation.

Montana Plumbing Service Repairing Broken PipesPrevention Tips from Our Experts

No one can really know when these pipes can break, the best you can do is follow these tips. • For pipes that are not insulated, circulation of heat in a storage room is crucial to prevent freezing. Make sure that cabinets under the sink are opened, while dripping a trickle of cold and hot water overnight. Avoid running the water into a non-insulated drainage pipe that is unprotected from subzero temperatures as this might become frozen. • Better yet, have them insulated, especially those in areas without proper heating or those located in non-insulated external walls, the garage or in hard to reach spaces. • You may also try covering the non-insulated and exposed ones with heat tape, otherwise called thermostat-controlled heat cables, to keep them from freezing. • You might also want to turn the heat on, setting it at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. • Know where the main water valve is exactly located. Typically, it is found in the basement, in external walls, or in a utility area in your home. To shut it down, turn it clockwise. You should also know where the different emergency shutdown valves in your house are. • Install a water leak protection system. Although this can be costly, it can protect your home and your investment by offering an alarm and automatic shutdown when leaks are detected in your dishwasher, your water heater, your sinks, your pipes, etc. Call us immediately if you think you have a broken line or if you suspect you have a cracked pipe. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse!  

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