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Central Cooling, Heating, and Air ConditioningTechnology has evolved so much throughout the years.  We are very lucky to fully enjoy the convenience of appliances to make us feel more comfortable at home. Our washing machines, toilets, refrigerators, air conditioners, and heaters can definitely make our lives easier!  

For example, if the temperature during summertime leaves you hot under the collar — just turn on your A/C and you’ll feel more relaxed and calm.  If you’re dealing with extreme below zero temps during the winter, it’s great to know that you have a heating unit to keep you warm and cozy.   A lot of people are still confused whether to get single air conditioners, or central?  Conventional (e.g. Fireplaces, pellet stoves) or central heating?   Let us discuss one by one..

The Best Type of Cooling Units for Your Billings Home

Nowadays, the installation of air conditioners in a home isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Did you know that around 75% of residents in the United States use air conditioning?  And, 90% of them use central cooling!   How is this different from single unit or window type A/Cs? The latter is made of heavy, steel boxes that are designed to wedge into a window.  It has an evaporator, a condenser, a thermostat, and some fans.  This has “room control”, which means, you can set one unit’s temperature to be different from the other.  It is definitely cheaper, but they turn out to be more expensive on your electric bill. Central air conditioners are more efficient.  They are also out of the way, (no more units falling on pedestrians!) convenient to operate and quiet.  Before installation, make sure to get an energy-efficient A/C to reduce your energy use.

How a Central Cooling Unit Works

A central system distributes cool air through ducts.  It includes ducts that carry air from your unit to your home, and the split system is the most common type.  It is composed of an outdoor box and an indoor cabinet that contains the evaporator.   The compressor pumps refrigerant through the system.  This gathers heat and moisture from the inside of your home, to be removed.  This process is done when heat is blown over the indoor coil.  After that, heat is pushed out of your home, while the cool air is pumped back in.

Care Tips from Our Central Cooling Experts in Billings, MT

Contact an expert to do the work. Ensure that you call a licensed contractor (like us!) to install your system.  We can check if the duct sections are sized correctly, and that there are adequate supply registers to deliver air sufficiently. Keep your ducts sealed and insulated.  Cool air (or warm) can leak when these ducts are not well insulated.  If this happens, you end up wasting around forty percent of the energy used to run your system. Keep it clean!  Check if there are plants near the area.  These should be around two feet away from your units.  Your grills and filters should be cleaned every month.  Remove any debris or dirt from your condenser coils, and watch out for any blockages in your drainpipe. Proper maintenance.  Call us to change all your filters, flush (and clean) your coils, drain your pan, and vacuum your compartments.  We will also check if your system is sufficiently charged with refrigerant and look for any leaks. What is a Central Heating System? A central heating system includes a boiler or a furnace, located either in your garage or your basement.  Heat throughout your home may be distributed by warmed air going pumped through your air duct system, or by sending steam through pipes to room radiators. Gases are produced by the furnace (it has burners) and these are passed through a heat exchanger.  The air from your house blows across the exchanger to become warm.  Then, it is blown through the ducts to be distributed. When the weather becomes warm, your heating system and your central A/C work together.  The air becomes cool as it is blown through your air conditioner’s cooling coil.  This is usually attached to the furnace’ air circulating fan, then air passes through the air ducts surrounding your home.

Electric and Gas Central Heating and Air

Electric and gas central systems are the most popular mechanisms used by households today.  It can be confusing to choose one without knowing what makes them different, so we’ve taken the liberty to show you: Electric –  This is more popular among homeowners.  Having this at home, you won’t need to worry about fuel supplies or gas line installation.  This is a great source of heat, without the chance of combustion.  There are no unsafe fumes or gases either, that means — no carbon monoxide poisoning. Now, we have to admit that this option is also more expensive.  It is  not environmentally friendly as well because it is produced at a higher rate, it uses up more energy and burns more fossil fuels. Gas – This is the most efficient heating system, and the fastest too!  You feel warmer — faster.  This option is also more energy saving.    Since gas is piped through your home, you don’t need to be storing any fuel.   Having a gas system at home also has its cons.  Your home is at risk to be exposed to the toxic gases that may be released into your residence.  Carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur, so ensure that you invest in a device that can detect the energy levels in your place.    These types of systems can also be more expensive at first, but will eventually become cheaper than the electric heating system upon usage.  There will also be an installation of gas lines involved, to be able to arrange the adequate supply of gas (natural or propane) to your home.

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