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air conditioning repair | Billings plumbing expertsWe all know that having an air conditioner nowadays, especially when it is summertime, is an absolute necessity.  Whether you have a centralized system, a wall mounted unit or a window/single type, they all have the same purpose: to cool our surroundings.  That is why it can be such an inconvenience when your A/C doesn’t want to work!  You may notice it getting iced up, or not producing cool air, or worse, not even turning on.  When this happens — you need a solution, quick! It is best to make sure to keep an eye for the tell tale signs that your unit needs repair.

Common Air Conditioning Problems Homeowners in Billings MT Face

Your air condenser is not running.  Check the power source first to ensure that your A/C is plugged in.  Next, look for a tripped circuit breaker, or you can also check if the fuse is blown. Your thermostat is not set correctly.  Try to lower your temperature by around 5 degrees, observe if it changes.  If it doesn’t, then you may have a faulty compressor.  The same thing goes for your central cooling system.  Try lowering the thermostat by five degrees, and if it doesn’t change anything, then you may have a dirty evaporator. Your air conditioner isn’t cooling.  It turns on, great, but it doesn’t cool… Well, check the thermostat first.  Then, look at the condenser.  It may be blocked with dirt, debris or dust.  It can also be caused by a compressor that is faulty, or not enough refrigerant in your system. Your air conditioner shuts on and off.  Take a look at your condenser, it may be dirty.  It can also be blocked.  Check your evaporator as well.  Cleaning these will hopefully resolve the problem. Your refrigerant is leaking.  This is something you have to leave to the pros. Call in one of our trained Billings HVAC experts so we can fix the leak and test.  We can also charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant.  This should match the specification of your A/C unit’s manufacturer as well. The electronic control is not working.  Your compressor and fan controls can also wear out.  This is sometimes caused by the corrosion of your wire and terminals.  Some electrical connections and contacts can also be faulty.  Since this is a complicated task, you can call us to take a look and fix the problem. Your A/C’s sensor isn’t working. Most room air conditioners are equipped with a thermostat sensor.  It checks the temperature of the air coming into the coil.  Sometimes, this sensor is dislocated, and your unit can malfunction.  You can try adjusting the sensor’s position by bending the wire that holds it in place. Your unit is encountering drainage problems. Make sure to check your condensate drain.  Is it clogged? Is it draining correctly?  Check the level of how your unit is also mounted. Ice is building up.  This happens when your evaporator coil doesn’t have enough air flow.  It can also mean that the coil is damaged. Having a problem with your refrigeration system can cause the pressure to drop in your evaporator. Then, moisture is frozen and accumulated.

Care Tips for Your Window Air Conditioners from Our Trusted Team of Billings Plumbers

Using a wall mounted unit is also a very effective way to keep certain areas of the house cool.  However, even if this is a lot smaller than a centralized unit, you will also need to know how to properly maintain it and keep it in good working condition.  Here are some useful tips from our experienced network of cooling experts: Once a  month, check your air filter.  This is actually VERY easy to clean (on selected models).  Simply remove the front panel and clean it with warm water and soap.  After doing this, allow the filter to dry completely before you put it back in your unit.  If you have pets at home, or if you’re suffering from allergies, clean your filter more often.
Clean your condenser coils.  You will notice dust or dirt building up on these aluminum colored, wavy patterns.  These are your condenser coils, located at the back of your unit.  Having all these accumulated dust will make your A/C work harder, which means a higher electric bill.  Your air conditioner cabinet should be removed to be able to clean the coils, and you can use compressed air or a bristle brush that is soft, then spray some mild cleanser on it.  Remove all the dirt until the bottom of the unit.  Be careful not to bend the coils!  If you do, you can use a fin comb to straighten these. Keep your water pan clean.  Mold and other bacteria can breed on your water pan so ensure to clean this regularly with warm water and soap. Check if your unit has ice build up. Icicles are only for the freezer, not your A/C! If you notice ice build up on your coil, it may be because your drain line has become frozen, backed up, and caused a leak.  Turn off your compressor ASAP, switch your unit’s thermostat to “fan”.  The ice will melt, so make sure it is drained properly, then call us immediately. Change your remote batteries.  As simple and easy as this may seem, this is necessary.  Don’t bang your remote against the table or your lap if it’s not working — you probably just need new batteries!

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From cleaning your filters to installing a central cooling system, we’ve got you covered.  Our network of licensed and insured plumbers specialize in heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair, so you’re in good hands!  We are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once you call our contact center, we will dispatch a plumber right to your home, so you don’t have to wait a day or two for someone to fix your A/C.   We get the job done fast, the first time!

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