28 May

Tips For An Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel

inexpensive bathroom remodelBathroom remodeling is quite an interesting project! If you are planning to remodel your bathroom and are just concerned about the budget, there’s really nothing to worry about. There are some ways that you can prettify your bathroom without spending too much. Here are some tips that you may find handy when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

1. Changing your bathroom light or adding a new kind of illumination will give it a different look. You can add dim lights on the corners of the ceiling. This way, you can make the room bright or dim to your liking. Dim lights are also great relaxation boosters, by the way.

2. If you do not want to replace your sink or your bathtub, you can make them look good again by thorough scrubbing and caulking. Also clean and remove stains with the use of a baking soda and vinegar solution. If these fixtures have cracks or scratches, you can make them look good again with a fiberglass or ceramic repair kit.

3. Don’t forget to give attention to your toilet as well. If its seat and lid are no longer pleasant to your eyes, you can replace these parts. Also remember to keep your ceramic throne clean so your loved ones and guests won’t find it gross.

4. Aside from your fixtures, you should also take care of your tiles. Replace damaged squares with new ones. If there are no damaged tiles, you can make them look good as new again through grouting. These two methods are way cheaper than changing all the tiles in your bathroom.

5. Your bathroom cabinet is also another essential part of the room. Re-paint or decorate it to make it even more appealing. Countertop accents will also make the room more stylish.

6. If your bathroom looks exactly the same for years already, a fresh new paint color will give it a makeover. You may also use wallpapers if you like. Just ensure that you’ll choose a shade that will go well with the room’s theme.

7. Accessorize! Adding a new mirror; putting a vase of flowers and ornamental plants or hanging some works of art will make the bathroom pretty. If you are not creative enough, use the internet and browse decoration and design ideas.

8. Make the room sparkling clean! If you have a shower curtain, replace it. Scrub the tiles especially the corners and surfaces. Remove all kinds of clutter to make the room neat. Dust your exhaust fan and get rid of cobwebs.

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