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Most water heaters on the market today serve effectively for between 8 and 15 years, after which they start to demand repairs. To make sure a water heater serves you a long time without the need for repairs, make sure you buy trusted brands. Also, follow the manufacturer’s guide on its maintenance. All the same, if you find yourself in need of repair even before the lapse of this period, don’t panic. Call Plumbers 911 from anywhere in Illinois and get instant help. We have the expertise and the resources to deal with all types of water heater installation and repair problems including:
  • Hot water is in inadequate amounts
  • The heater is not heating water
  • Water has a rotten egg smell
  • There is a popping noise or rumbling
  • The heater is leaking
  • Water appears rust-colored
  • There’s a high-pitched whining
  • Problems with the pilot light

Assurance of quality service from the best water heater installation and repair company in Illinois

water heater repairs | Illinois plumbersFor years, we have been the water heater service company of choice in this part of Illinois. If you are looking for experts who will stop at nothing to give you the best customer experience, we are the perfect fit. Our expertise includes installations, replacements and repairs of all gas or electric water heaters. We have professionals who can do excellent repairs for all major heater brands including RUUD, AO Smith, American, Rheem, Bradford White and many others. Your convenience is our number one priority. We have an established system that makes sure we deliver on every promise we make to you. As you work with us, you can rest easy knowing we are not going to take advantage of you through a sales commission. We also don’t have those dealer incentive bonuses that are usually at the customer’s expense. We also don’t give inflated prices so that we can offer you a huge discount after a little persuasion. That is why we have been trusted by many people with their local water heater repair problems. Bring your electric water heater challenges to Plumbers 911 and get a solution that is customized for you.

What to expect from our expert water heater repair services

Wherever you are in the city, our licensed technicians will help you with all your hot water heater repairs. We have the expertise to serve both commercial and residential clientele. Through the years, we have come to be known as the premier plumbing company in the whole of Illinois. Our pricing is upfront and honest and we follow it up with top-notch services you will cherish for a long time to come. Our no-hidden-charges policy makes sure you are not caught up in a process that proves too expensive over time. Hiring us means that you from the get-go know what you will get; no surprises. Hire us today and receive the following:
  • The highest possible level of craftsmanship
  • Water heaters of the highest quality
  • Guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied
  • Free estimates
  • Definite price quote

Tips on how you can keep your water heater working properly for many years

Maintaining a water heater does not always have to be expensive. There are simple, inexpensive tactics you can employ to increase the operating efficiency of your water heater as well as increase its lifespan. Activities such as setting the heater’s temperature or insulating it are one-time events. Others like checking its anode rod and tank flushing should be done once every year. Regular maintenance activities might seem like a bother yet they are the surest way of ensuring your hot water heater serves for the longest possible time. These maintenance tasks have clear benefits. Adding insulation, for instance, will reduce the amount of heat lost by your water heaters by up to 45%. This usually amounts to a reduction in the water heating bills by almost 10%. Flushing, on the other hand, improves longevity as well as efficiency. Make sure you have a working anode rod hanging in the tank. By doing so, you will be preventing the inside parts of the water heater from corrosion. The rod will get used up and as a result spare the water heater. Replacing the rod is far easier and cheaper than buying a new hot water heater. By following these simple tips, your heater tank will remain in perfect condition and serve you for many years. You will also pay less in hot water bills in addition to avoiding the house damage that leaking water could mete out in your house. Have clear access to your water heater It is important that you know where in your house your water heater is located and ensure you can easily get to it. When your heater is tucked away some hidden place in your basement, replacements and repairs may become a nightmare. Know the type of water heater you have installed in your house Hot water heaters are of various types including electric, natural gas, propane, storage tank and tankless. There are some significant differences in the way you would do maintenance activities for these different types. When you find out the type of heater you have, note its model and serial numbers. This information is helpful in finding out the gallon capacity as well as the age of your water heater. During repairs or replacements, our plumbing experts will ask for this information as part of ensuring you get a solution that best fits your individual water heater challenges. The information is also required during warranty inquiries. Give your water heater some space Your water heater should be in a clear location where air circulation is adequate, especially for gas-fired heaters. Inadequate oxygen supply could cause carbon monoxide production in addition to damaging parts of the water heater. Clearing the space around the heater also allows you to easily notice leaks as soon as they begin. Keep in mind also that storing things too close to the heater is a fire hazard.

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Join a long list of satisfied customers who have experienced the professionalism of our licensed plumbers in Illinois. When you find your bathing experience interrupted by a faulty water heater, call us and let us help you solve this problem in the best way possible. We are the licensed and bonded plumbing technicians of choice anywhere in this area. Whether you need a replacement or an upgrade, we have what it takes to deliver great results. Call us today and get a free estimate. You can also ask our experts any of your water heater related questions.

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