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Boiler and Furnace Replacement | Certified Illinois PlumbersJust as your vehicle, AC unit, plumbing and pretty much everything else in your home requires regular routine maintenance, so too does your home’s boiler or furnace. Your homes boiler or furnace need to be properly maintained in order to continue to operate in the most efficient and effective manner possible. With regular maintenance either should serve your home well for many years to come. Employing a routine maintenance program for your home’s heating system will ultimately prove to be an inexpensive way to prevent costly and potentially uncomfortable repairs in the future. Not only that, but taking care to keep your home’s heating system up to date and as efficient as possible, can also pay you in yearly dividends for home energy savings. Choosing a reliable and trusted service company as your go to boiler or furnace maintenance provider can benefit you in several different ways. Most importantly, well-tuned and maintained equipment functions more efficiently. This means optimal savings on energy dollars, extended life of your home’s heating system, as well as increased comfort to you and your family during the chilly winter months. As Illinois’ most trusted boiler and furnace service company our maintenance efforts – professional adjustments and cleanings – will save you money and protect your homes valuable equipment from the need of replacement. However, should you find yourself in the situation where you require home boiler or furnace replacement, we also offer the highest quality replacement services in the area.

Most Common Problems Plumbers 911 See With Boilers

If you are in need of a boiler or furnace replacement and are located in Illinois you have come to the right place! At Plumbers 911 we offer the area superior quality replacements on boilers and furnaces. In general, most do not tend to put much thought into our home’s central heating systems – that is, until it stops functioning as it I should. We expect our system to work when we need it most, during those chilly  months. We expect that when we switch it on, it will pump out a continuous supply of warm air and hot water. When our heating systems do not function as they should, they are liable to throw our entire home and everyone in it into a chaotic panic.
Being cold when you want to be warm is no fun, for anyone and you never want to be left in a situation where there are dangerously cold temperatures and your home heating system goes out on you. Here are 6 common problems with home heating systems that our professional plumbing experts tend to see on a regular basis.
  • Dripping or leaking pipes – There are many issues that could cause your boiler to leak. If you see a leak call us immediately to prevent serious issue and even safety concerns.
  • No hot water or heat – Broken airlocks, diaphragms, issues with thermostat, low water levels, and failure of motorized valves (among many other issues) could cause heat failure.
  • Gurgling, banging or whistling sounds – this generally indicates that you might have air in your system. It could also indicate kettling or that your water pressure is low. Additionally, pump failure could also be a culprit.
  • Losing pressure – Water leaks can cause your system to lose pressure, which can lead to a variety of other serious issues.
  • Radiator not getting hot – Piping that is corroded can lead to a collection of sludge to gather within the system, which inevitably prevents the flow of hot water.
  • Boiler turns itself off – A boiler that keeps switching itself off might indicate low pressure, lack of water flow, issues with the thermostat, a closed air valve or an air pump that is not circulating water properly.
Do not wait until it is too late. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, call your friends at Plumbers 911 today for a boiler inspection and prevent disaster before it strikes.

How to Tell When It Is Time to Call for Reliable Illinois Furnance Replacement Services

When the chilly fall months and frigid winter months arrive, Plumbers 911 often get flooded with calls complaining about improperly or not functioning home or business heating systems. Here are the 8 most common furnace problems that are reported to us.
  • Dirty filters – You read that correctly. Dirty filters can actually cause major issues with your furnace and heating system. A filter that is clogged or dirty will make the system overwork, this can lead to problems such as damage to the limit switch.
  • Pilot control or ignition problems – If a system’s ignition or pilot is faulty, it will cause the system to not heat properly. Problems that could lead to a faulty pilot include clogs, drafts, or thermocouple problems.
  • Natural wear and tear – Normal wear and tear can cause your home’s heating system to malfunction by experiencing problems with airflow, overheating or heat-control related problems.
  • Thermostat issues – The comfort level of your home will suffer if you have a thermostat malfunction, which can lead to fan issues.
  • Frequent cycling – A system that frequently cycles on and off is an indication of improper airflow, bad thermostat or clogged filter.
  • Furnace produces no heat – If your furnace that is not producing heats indicates issues with the power, gas, a pilot light or thermostat.
  • Blower runs continuously – A blower that does not switch off may indicate issues with the limit switch.
  • Loud furnace – A furnace that rattles, rumbles or speaks is not normal. These sounds could indicate issues with airflow reductions, clogged burners or some other mechanical problem.
If you have noticed any of the above symptoms with your home furnace it is advised that you contact your trusted Illinois heating experts for an inspection today!

Your Go to Illinois Service Providers for Excellent Boiler and Furnace Replacement, You Can Rely On

Heating system issues are nothing to play around with, especially during the winter. Properly implementing a regular maintenance program to care for your home or business heating system will help to ensure that your system continues to function properly for many years to come. However, in the instance that unfortunate circumstances arise and you find yourself in need of a boiler or furnace replacement, call Illinois go to service providers for the highest-quality of service at the best price.

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