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Faucet Repair | Illinois Plumbing ServiceWhile we are all well aware that there is never a good time for your tap to break down on you, it does seem to always happen at a very inconvenient time. If you cannot use your kitchen faucet, it can lead to a myriad of problems not only in your kitchen but also in other parts of your home. It can make getting clean dishes impossible, leading to unsanitary cooking conditions, which could result in you and your family getting sick. If you are facing an issue with your kitchen or bathroom faucet currently or are seeing signs that you will in the very near future, Plumbers 911 Illinois is here to help. If you leave a damaged tap alone, you are going to end up with more damage. You need to notice the signs of a malfunctioning faucet right away and determine from there if you need to call in the professionals. You may simply need to replace a gasket or rings in and around your faucet, or the problem may be much deeper within the piping of your home. The only way to determine this is to give those with the experience and training for this type of situation a call. You need someone that is going to be experienced in the repair and replacement of all types of taps, who is licensed to practice in the Illinois land area, and who has the supplies and tools in hand to be able to make those repairs without having to go out for parts. Most faucets are able to be fixed in very little time when repaired as soon as something within their housing breaks. However, if you leave a faucet to continue to deteriorate, putting off the faucet repairs, you could end up with much larger issues on your hands.

The Kind of Things That Causes Faucets to Break Down

More often than not, taps break down because of repeated use over the years. They eventually get older and worn down, making the rubber inside the faucet crack and give way to leaks and sprays that go all different directions. However, there are times where the pipes leading up to the faucets or leading away from the taps can be the cause of the issue. In cases like these, trusted plumbing technicians need to be called in.
Since there are so many different types of faucets, knowing which kind you have can also help narrow down the problem.
  • You may have what is known as a ball taps, which will typically have a single handle and a ball that moves that handle around to give you the temperature of water you desire. If that ball breaks or gets too worn out, that could be the issue causing you grief.
  • You could have what is known as a cartridge faucet. This type of tap relies on a rubberized cartridge to let water flow through, but after time, this rubber begins to wear out. Most of the time when you are facing an issue with a cartridge faucet, you need to replace the rubber cartridge.
  • Perhaps you have what is known as a compression faucet. These typically have two handles, one for each temperature, and require compression to hold open, or hold closed, the water you are not wanting to use. If you want only cold, you only open the cold side, and vice versa. These types of taps require repair when they get over-tightened, or when they get old and they are no longer able to compress the pipes the right way to keep water stopped when not in use.
  • You may also have what is known as a disc faucet. These types of faucets generally have a single handle and have a set of ceramic discs that rub against each other to keep the water stationary unless the handle opens up just the right way. These discs are often very long lasting, but the seals within this type of taps often require repair and replacement after a long time of use.
So when you have narrowed down the type of faucet you are going to need repaired, what options do you have? The best option that you have is to call on people who are experienced in replacing and repairing all types of faucets. The plumbing experts at Illinois are very well trained on how to help narrow down the issues within all types of a faucet. They will do what they can to ensure that your faucet is working properly in as little time, and with as little expense, as possible.

The Licensed Plumbers We Send Out Are Guaranteed to Be Diligent and Dependable When You Need Repairs

We pride ourselves knowing that we only work with the top professionals in the field of plumbing. There is no need to go through and worry that the person that knocks at your door will not have the proper training and experience to get the job done right. This is part of what we guarantee you when you call us. We make sure to take care of you, in the same way we would want to be taken care of. You deserve to have only the highest of quality when it comes to workmanship and dependability, and Plumbers 911 of Illinois delivers. Should you find yourself facing a need for some repairs to your kitchen or bathroom faucet, or even one for a washroom or outside, give us a call. We will send over someone that has both the education and the direct experience with faucets so that you can have the assurance that your job is going to be done right. If you have any questions or are ready to set up an appointment to have a professional plumbing technician come and look at your malfunctioning faucet, then give us a call today!

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