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Sub-metering | Chicago PlumbersTraditionally, landlords and rental property owners have to absorb the cost of their renters’ water usage in the rent payment. Sometimes this works out well, but a large portion of the time somebody is going to end up paying more than they should. With the use of Sometimes this works out well, but a large portion of the time somebody is going to end up paying more than they should. With the use of sub-meters, however, you can finally start giving your tenants the responsibility for their own water usage – and the water bills that come with it. And when you rely on Plumbers 911 to find you a qualified technician in your area, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done right the first time. As a landlord or property manager, you already know the problem with the way properties is often billed for their water usage. When Tenant A in your apartment building insists on re-filling his swimming pool twice a week and your water bill goes up as a result, how do you tell the rest of the tenants that their rent payment is going to have to go up because of it? It’s a tricky situation when apartment buildings, rental condos, duplexes, office buildings, and mobile home parks are billed collectively. But there is a solution, and you won’t even have to deal with the city government to take advantage of it. When you choose to install sub-meters, each unit of your rental property will receive its own meter, so water usage will be measured separately for each separate unit rather than as a whole. You will be able to bill each resident individually for the water that they used, and you will simply pay your local utility bill for the property from your residents’ payments. But the benefits of sub-metering don’t just stop there. Consider these advantages to sub-metering before you make a final decision:
  • Your tenants will be held responsible for their own water usage, which means that your utility bill will likely go down as more residents become aware of their own water usage in an effort to save money.
  • Sub-metering encourages water conservation, which is good for the planet in the long run and good for lowering utility costs throughout Chicago as well.
  • With smart sub-metering technology, you can personally monitor the water usage of each individual unit – so if there are any extraordinarily wasteful water practices going on, you will be able to show your tenants in real time how their water usage is affecting their water bills.
  • Online monitoring of your properties’ sub-meters means that you will be alerted when small plumbing problems, such as leaks or drips, develop. You can take care of these problems more quickly, instead of having to wait around until a resident notices.
  • Wherever you are in the world, you should still be able to view your sub-metering data online as long as you have access to the Internet.
  • With smart sub-metering, you may even be alerted sooner if someone unexpectedly moves out of a property – or if someone unexpectedly moves in!
When you trust us to locate a licensed plumber in your area, you won’t have to wonder if the work is done properly. Our contractors always deliver, and with the industry’s most advanced technology at their disposal, you can be sure of getting exactly what you need.

How Do Installation and Billing Work with Sub-meters?

After your consultation with one of our experts, the installation of your building’s new sub-meters is a fairly straightforward process. The water to your property will have to be shut off for a few hours at most, and your plumber will quickly and expertly install a sub-meter for each individual unit. Afterward, your tenants will have their water back and you will be given a walk-through of the technology that allows you to view to-the-minute data from your mobile device. Once the sub-meters have been installed, they will begin monitoring water usage and feeding the data straight to you. Specialized technology can generate separate water bills for every unit of your property. Your tenants will pay you for the water bill, and you will pay your local utility provider from those funds. If there’s anything left over, you get to keep it.

Chicago Plumbing Services for Water Conservation

Sub-metering is an excellent way to encourage water conservation. As each resident begins to see the water bills come in, they will become more conscious about their water usage in an effort to keep those bills low. To really encourage water conservation, and to give prospective paying tenants something to make your property stand out in their minds, consider supplementing your sub-meters with some of these water-saving measures:
  • Efficient toilets, shower heads, water heaters, and washing machines
  • Smaller hot water heaters or tankless water heaters
  • Timed sprinklers or drip irrigation systems
  • PEX pipe to replace leak-prone PVC pipe
  • Strict limits on filling swimming pools – or, better still, a community swimming pool

Trust Plumbers 911 to Find Your Local Chicago Plumber

There’s a reason that we are one of the best names in the industry. The professionals that we contract with are some of the best in the industry as well, so you can know that the job will be done when you need it, and with the professionalism that you expect. You can count on Plumbers 911 to provide you with a plumbing professional in Chicago who will:
  • Arrive on time for your consultation
  • Provide you with the information that you need to know in a way that you can understand
  • Be licensed and insured, with our guarantee
  • Remain presentable and professional
  • Have the tools to get the job done
  • Get your plumbing needs met as quickly as possible
  • Keep the area where he is working neat and tidy
  • Clean up his own mess before he leaves
If you are tired of working with so-called experts who never arrive on time, don’t listen to what you need and expect, leave a mess behind every time, and overlook important details, give Plumbers 911 a call today to change the way that you think about your plumbing.  

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