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Faucet Repair | Chicago Service TechsLeaky faucets can be a big waste, and can drive you nuts having to hear it. They drip money down the drain each time you hear another drop. Instead of putting off what may be a ten-minute fix, call in a local plumbing expert and let them help you get that leaky faucet back under control. Faucets can leak for any number of reasons, but typically, what causes leaks is just being used over and over again. Years of use, and sometimes abuse, can cause the different parts of your faucet to come apart. Instead of leaving your faucet to drip and get worse over time, fix up that leak and get back to using your faucet properly. Calling in a licensed plumber can be the best way to get rid of that leak. They can look over your faucet, determine the cause, and then get your faucet working properly again in no time. It may seem like a larger expense for such a small problem, but when you consider the fact that you are losing money down the drain with each drip, the expense can be made up quickly.

Licensed Chicago Plumbers Can Make Your Leaky Faucet a Thing Of the Past

The first thing that a plumbing contractor is going to do is look over your faucet. They are going to see if there is any obvious reason that your faucet would be leaking. If they do not find something obvious, they are going to have to take the faucet apart to see what could be wrong. The range of what could be wrong is varied, depending on what type of faucet you have, and where that faucet is located.

Types of Faucets

Disc faucets contain ceramic discs that move around to allow water through or to stop the flow of water. These discs eventually wear down, and need to be replaced. If you have a disc faucet, this is the likely cause of the leaks you have been noticing in your kitchen or bath. Ball faucets typically only have one handle, and there is a small ball at the base to help turn the water on or off, rolling it back and forth between cold and hot to give you the right temperature. The balls on these faucets can get worn down, which could be the cause of a leak in this type of faucet. Compression faucets open and close the cold or hot water pipes with compression. When they are turned tight, no water comes through. When those connections open up, some water starts to flow through, giving you water. You use a combination of cold and hot water to get the right temperature for your needs. These faucets, over time, tend to need to screw a bit further to tighten properly, but when over tightened, can begin to leak. Cartridge faucets have a small rubber cartridge that sits below the handle that moves to either stop water from flowing or to allow water through. When these cartridges wear out, they can cause a faucet leak. Most of these leaks would be an easy fix if you called in the right plumbing technician, but every now and again, they will come across a faucet that is simply too old or worn out to fix. If that is the case, the only option you will have to replace the faucet.

Having a New Faucet Installed Can Alleviate the Leaks As Well

If you are considering updating or remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, a leaky faucet may be a golden opportunity for you to go through and have your faucet updated. When your plumbing contractor is on site, speak with him or her about the cost to repair versus the cost to replace. If the cost is nearly the same, you may want to simply go with the upgrade instead, and save yourself the hassle. When it comes to getting that leaky faucet repaired, however, it is important to know that the person that you have working on the problem knows what he or she is doing. That is how Plumbers 911 is best able to help you.
  • We screen each and every person that we work with fully, before we ever recommend them for any job.
  • We check what school they went to.
  • We verify they have licensing that is current and applicable to Chicago.
  • We verify old references and check their experience.
  • From there, we perform drug testing and training to ensure that the people we send out are the best of the best.
  • We expect professionalism at all times, as that is what our clients deserve, and if they do not deliver that, we do not recommend their services.

Don’t Let a Leaky Faucet Slow You Down

A leaky faucet is typically little more than a nuisance, but in the case that your leaky faucet has become a waterfall, we can send contractors to your home on an urgent basis as well. Each plumbing expert we work with is local, so we can find out where you are calling from, and get in contact with the person closest to your home or business. They will then get to your door as quickly as possible to help get that leak under control so that you are able to stop worrying and get back to life. Leaky faucets are something that most will look past until they have more time, but fixing it as soon as there is a problem is going to give you the best results. You are going to pay less, and have a better result if you do not let the problem continue to get worse. Let the licensed Chicago plumbing contractors  help get your faucet to stop leaking, and enjoy the peace that comes with knowing the person sent to your home has already been pre-screened to be able to fix the problem.

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