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13 Jun

How to prevent hard water from damaging your plumbing in Vermont

Hard water contains many minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. It picks up these minerals as it flows through limestone. Fortunately, hard water is not a health risk and won’t hurt you. But it can be hard on plumbing, fixtures, sinks and bathtubs, especially in Vermont.

According to U.S. geological surveys, 85 percent of water in the U.S. is hard water. If you don’t receive your water from a municipal water service, your house may contain hard water, including in certain areas in Vermont.

If left untreated, hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing. It can clog and corrode pipes and could even lead to a breakdown of your system. It also damages plumbing fixtures, stains bathtubs and can even damage your hair. 

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to prevent hard water. Hire a Plumbers 911 Vermont contractor to install a water softener on your property and remove the minerals from your water.

Learn more about hard water and how to prevent it from damaging your plumbing.


Signs of hard water

If you have hard water, stains and mineral deposits will form in your sink, tub and plumbing fixtures. You may notice small particles floating in your drinking water or an unpleasant taste.


Problems of hard water

Hard water can lead to clogs in showerheads. It can also stain bathtubs, showers and shower doors. You may also notice damage to your coffee pot, ice maker or dishwasher. It leaves spots and streaks on dishes. Hard water can even cause your hair to look rough and stringy after a shower. 


Hard water can damage your water heater

Hard water can damage a water heater. It will cause minerals to solidify on the bottom of your tank. This will make it difficult to heat the water. Over time, hard water will cause your water heater to be less efficient, increasing energy costs. It will also limit the capacity of the tank, so you’ll run out of hot water faster.


Hard water is bad for plumbing

Hard water can cause a buildup of limescale from calcium and magnesium in your plumbing, sometimes leading to clogs. You may need to replace the entire plumbing system if clogging becomes severe.  


Never use a chemical drain cleaner on hard water clog

If your pipes have large clogs from hard water, avoid pouring chemical drain cleaner down the pipes. These cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can poison your water supply and may be illegal. 

Sadly, your only option for severe hard water clogs is to replace the entire plumbing system. That can be extremely expensive, so we recommend installing a water softener before hard water becomes a problem. 

Contractors such as those referred through Plumbers 911 Vermont can install a water softener in your home.


How to prevent hard water — invest in a water softener

Fortunately, there is a simple yet effective solution for preventing hard water – hire a professional plumber to install a water softener system in your home. It’s a system that removes minerals from your water before it enters your plumbing, eliminating buildup and degradation. 


Need a water softener in Vermont? Call Plumbers 911!

Call Plumbers 911 to install a water softener in Vermont. We have an extensive network of licensed plumbing contractors who can install a water softener on your property and protect your pipes from hard water.  Call Plumbers 911 Vermont to find an experienced plumber to install a water softener and prevent hard water damage today!

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