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21 Jul

How To Prevent Freezing Pipes

how-to-prevent-freezing-pipesIt’s a long way to go before the winter season kicks in. What a great time to prepare your plumbing system for issues that may arise. Among the most common problems that homeowners encounter when the weather is cold is the freezing of pipes. Learn more about frozen pipes and how you can prevent them by reading our blog today!

What happens when pipes freeze?


A frozen pipe may not seem like a big deal for some but actually, it should be. During the cold winter months when the temperature drops so low, your pipes are vulnerable to freezing. The standing water inside the pipes will also turn into ice and expand thus bursting the affected pipe. Water will flow out of the plumbing line and cause high charges on your utility bill and even damage your property.

How do you prevent frozen pipes?


To prevent frozen pipes, here are some tips worth reading!

1. Turn the water supply valve off if you’re going on vacation or if it’s time for you to sleep. Since there won’t be running water present in the pipes, there’s really nothing to freeze.

2. Do you have outdoor faucets and outdoor pipes? Insulate them. The insulation will keep the tubes and the plumbing fixtures warm. If you are using garden hoses, disconnect them from the faucets.

3. Speaking of insulation, don’t forget to insulate cold areas in your house where there are pipes installed. These include attics, crawl spaces and other out-of-the-way places. You may use a fiberglass insulation for this task.

4. If the area that you’re trying to insulate is too big to be covered by fiberglass insulation, use a foam board instead. It will serve as barrier against the cold temperature.

5. Don’t worry too much about your heating expenses. Turn up the thermostat and maintain a warm temperature inside your house. Doing so will also increase the temperature in your crawlspaces which in turn will project the heat in specific spaces. Take note that the recommended temperature is 68 degrees or higher.

6. Ensure that your windows and doors are closed. This is actually an obvious thing to do but sometimes, we just forget, don’t we? Make sure that you’ll also close or seal open air vents to prevent the cold water from getting inside your house.

7. If you want to insulate specific pipes in your house, you can use a heating cable. You can get one from plumbing supply shops. Just ensure that you’ll follow the manufacturer’s directions so that you won’t damage your pipes.

8. Another tried and tested method to keep unprotected pipes warm is to make use of an electric heater. Place it near the exposed pipes to keep the running water inside them from turning into ice.

9. Lastly, open the cabinet doors where there are pipes installed. These include your kitchen sink cabinet and bathroom vanity. The warm air circulating inside your house will keep protect the pipes from freezing.

We hope that you learned how to prevent freezing pipes from our blog post! If pipe related problems occur, don’t hesitate to call the most trustworthy Fort Myer plumbers. Plumbers 911 Washington DC provides emergency plumbing services in Fort Myer VA including frozen pipe repair, HVAC services, gas system installation, fire sprinkler system installation, sub-metering and many more! Call us now at (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

Learn how to thaw frozen pipes without damaging them! Watch this video from Ace Hardware!

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