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15 Apr

How to prepare your garden or lawn sprinkler system for spring in Vermont

Spring is almost like Christmas for gardening enthusiasts. After months of dormancy in the winter, lawns, gardens and flowers become vibrant again. All it takes is a healthy dose of sunlight and adequate watering. A lawn and garden sprinkler system make watering easy, especially when the hot months of summer begin.

Taking the proper steps to prepare your sprinkler system for spring is critical. Otherwise, you could cause extensive damage to your sprinkler pipes and other critical components. The process may take several hours, but it ensures your system is appropriately back online and performing optimally with no damage caused during the winter months.

Preparing your sprinkler system for spring is an extensive and tedious process. We recommend hiring a professional Vermont plumber to ensure everything is correct and your system performs at optimal precision. 


Check your lawn for signs of freezing

Wait until the ground has thawed entirely before activating your sprinkler system. Early spring in Vermont can be deceiving. The last thing you want is to fill the pipes with water to freeze them again. The good news is you do not need to worry about watering until the ground fully thaws, and the early spring rains have run their course.

Check your lawn for frozen soil. Dig a foot of dirt in a hidden area of your yard. If you hit frozen ground, it is too soon to start your sprinkler system. Wait another two weeks, and do another test.


Check and clean the sprinkler heads

Cleaning the sprinkler heads can be time-consuming, especially if you have an extensive sprinkler system. But having clean and working sprinkler heads is critical to maintaining even water flow and ensuring your lawn or garden gets proper irrigation.

Check the nozzle on each sprinkler head for possible damage or dirt. Remove any obstruction that can affect the spray pattern. If a nozzle is damaged, replace it with a new one. If an entire assembly head is damaged, you might consider servicing it by a professional Vermont plumber.


Turn on the control panel of the main sprinkler

The main irrigation control panel is typically located in the garage or outside the house. Once you turn it on, check the settings for the date, time and irrigation areas to ensure they are correct. We also recommend changing the batteries at the beginning of each gardening season.


Open the main valve

This is the tricky part and why we suggest hiring a professional plumber to prepare your sprinkler system for spring.

Opening the valve too quickly will send a rush of water and air through the system, known in the industry as a “water hammer.” The sudden intense pressure can cause expensive damage to your sprinkler system.

It is critical to gently and slowly open the main valve. As the water flows, gradually open the entire valve without sending too much pressure through the system.

If you have several branches, you may have multiple valves to open. Repeat the process at each valve until water flows through the entire system.


Check your irrigation zones

If you did not make any significant landscape changes from last year, the sprinkler nozzles likely need only minimal adjustment. It is still a good idea to test your sprinkler system to ensure it is watering the correct lawn or garden areas. Look for any malfunctioning sprinkler heads. Low water pressure could be an indication of a water line break. Call a Vermont plumber to repair the line if you have a break.


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