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07 Jun

How to plan the perfect outdoor kitchen in Maine

Spring has finally come to Maine. Can you smell the barbecue? 

Building an outdoor kitchen can transform the cooking experience with the beauty of the outdoors and the convenience of cooking appliances if you are looking to up your grilling game. 

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill with a prep area or an elaborate design complete with a pizza stone oven, an outdoor kitchen sink with retrofitted plumbing and a bar. It all depends on your budget, ambitions and lifestyle preferences.

Proper planning is key to designing the perfect outdoor kitchen. It is a good idea to sit down with contractors, including plumbers, and discuss your budget and what you are looking for in the design. Map it all out ahead of time. 

This guide to outdoor kitchen design will walk you through the basics.

Establish a budget for your outdoor kitchen

It is easy to sink thousands of dollars into an outdoor kitchen, but there are options if you have a more limited budget. 

You must set a budget early in the process and stick with it. Essentials such as labor and materials can get out of hand by expanding the project’s scope. Potential issues with the current electrical or plumbing could add additional expenses. 

Talk to your contractors and establish a set budget that is realistic to your needs.

Will you need permits for your outdoor kitchen?

Depending on the complexity of the design, your plumbing or electrical contractor may need to pull a permit before performing the work. 

If you are a homeowners association member, check to see if there are any restrictions on outdoor kitchens. 

Running new utility lines will add costs

You must consider utility lines if your outdoor kitchen accommodates running water, gas, and electricity. 

Burying water, gas and electrical lines underground is not cheap, especially if they need to run for a distance. Additional costs will be if the professional connects the lines to existing utilities in the basement or concrete slab. To reduce costs, locate the kitchen in an area where utilities are readily accessible.

We urge you to speak with a licensed Maine plumber to determine the most cost-effective location for your outdoor kitchen. 

Outdoor kitchen features

Deciding what features you want in your outdoor kitchen is vital. 

Begin with a blank slate. You can choose a relatively simple approach to a more sophisticated design that encompasses the convenience of modern appliances. Remember, the kitchen design depends on your budget and cooking needs.

Straight-forward designs include a grill or pizza oven and prep space. More elaborate designs could also have a sink or refrigerator. Some individuals may even want to install an entire bar to entertain guests. 

Since it gets cold in Maine, you might consider outdoor heating options or an overhead shelter for shade and rain cover. 

Ready to plan your outdoor kitchen? Call Plumbers 911 Maine

If you are ready to plan your outdoor kitchen, call Plumbers 911 Maine. We are a network of plumbing contractors in Maine who can help you plan and install your outdoor kitchen.

All of our licensed plumbers are highly trained and fully vetted. They are drug tested, insured and bonded. Call Plumbers 911 Maine and schedule a time to meet with a trusted licensed plumber!


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