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The Complete Guide On How To Install Bathtubs

how-to-install-bathtubInstalling a bathtub is tricky and that is why we recommend that you leave it to the experts. But if you are curious as to how the installation is done, worry no more because we’ll be sharing a complete DIY guide with you. This way, you would know how to replace the old tub in case you decide on a remodel soon.

Removal Of The Old Tub

1. Turn the water supply valve off and drain the pipes by turning on a faucet that’s installed at a lower level than the tub.

2. Expose the supply pipes and then carefully remove the hot and cold faucets.

3. Detach the bathtub drain with the use of an adjustable wrench. Make sure that you loosen the slip nut that connects the overflow pipe to the bathtub’s drain pipe.

4. Once done, get rid of the spout, the faucet and the drain. Remove the wall that surrounds the bathtub to be able to accomplish this task. Make sure that you’ll wear protective covering in your eyes (a pair of goggles) to avoid getting small particles in them.

5. Detach all the pipes and carefully remove the old bathtub. If you need support, you may use wood as skids to maneuver the tub out. Afterward, make a wall surface from cement backer board. This type of material should be able to handle the moisture.

New Bathtub Installation

1. Carefully move the new bathtub into the same space. Mark the level where its top part reaches on the wall studs. Also make sure that you’ll mark where the ledger’s top will rest. Usually, it’s an inch below the last mark. This will be enough to space to support the edges of the new bathtub.

2. Afterward, proceed with the ledger board installation. Make use of drywall screws for this task and ensure that they’re level.

3. Assemble the shoe fitting which is supposed to be placed under the tub’s waste pipe and the tub itself. Do this by turning the bathtub on its side first. Don’t forget to dry fit the drain pipe as well as the water supply pipes so you would know how they should be installed later.

4. Assemble the fitting and the overflow pipe. Make sure that they align with the bathtub’s openings.

5. Once done, proceed with the application of putty surrounding the drain flange. Tape the threads of the drain flange and don’t forget to insert a washer on the shoe. Finally, screw the drain flange. Make sure that it’s tight.

6. Afterward, connect the drain pipe to the bathtub and screw it, too. Put the overflow pipes cover according to its manufacturer’s directions.

Securing The Bathtub

1. Mortar should be spread on the subfloor of the installation area. It should measure approximately 2 inches thick.

2. Finalize the position of the new bathtub. Make sure that it’s level. Otherwise, you might have to put shims under the tub to level it up.

3. Get some galvanized nails and put them through the holes in the bathtub’s flange. These will secure the studs. Be very careful so you won’t damage the fixture.

4. Afterward, proceed with the connection of the water supply pipes and the drain pipe. Look for the slip connection on the drain and pull it down. Make sure that the slip nuts are tight, too.

5. Apply plumber’s putty to the drain pipe and carefully press it into place. Don’t forget to make the cap tight as well.

6. Once done, screw the hot and cold faucets onto the water supply pipes. Seal the connection with joint compound. Screw the faucet handles in place. Turn the water supply valve on and run the tap. Check the bathtub and the faucets for leaks.

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Learn how to re-caulk an old bathtub! Watch this video from YouTube!

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