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How To Install A Hot Water Heater: Electric-Type

how-to-install-a-hot-water-heaterThe installation of an electric water heater is a tricky job. While it is easy to understand how this appliance works, setting it up is certainly a different story. The project involves both electrical and plumbing work which makes the job a lot more complicated than usual installations and repairs DIY enthusiasts manage. If you would like to know how this type of water heater is installed, read on and check out our do-it-yourself guide.

1. Carefully unpack the water heater and transport it safely to your installation area. Make sure that you’ll ask someone to help you carry it. Water heaters are heavy so you don’t want to risk dropping and damaging them in the end.

2. Set the electric hot water heater in place. You need to ensure that it’s level so that it won’t tipped to the side. Use carpenter’s level to accomplish this task. You may also make use of plastic or wooden shims to level it.

3. Afterward, proceed with the plumbing connections. Attach the shutoff valve at the end of the cold water supply tube by sweat soldering it. The valve should be set open prior to soldering. Connect it to the water supply with the use of a lead-free solder (to avoid contaminating your water with lead) and a propane torch.

4. When you’re done, thread the trap fittings with Teflon tape or coat them with pipe compound. Get the blue colored fitting and connect it to the cold water inlet. The red-colored fitting should be connected to the hot water outlet. Remember that these types of fittings are directional so they should have arrows that will direct you to their correct installation. Secure the connection with the use of an adjustable wrench.

5. Afterward, connect both the plumbing supply pipes to the heating system accordingly. They should be hooked up as per the manufacturer’s instructions while complying with your local building code requirements. The most common type is the solid copper pipe. Remember, the drain valve should be completely turned off or closed when you’re doing this.

6. When you’re done, turn the main water supply on and then valves as well. If you have a second floor, turn one or two of the faucets there. Leave the water flowing until it’s steady which means that the water heater tank has been filled up. Turn off the faucets.

7. Now it’s time to power up the water heater. Remember, only licensed electricians should do the electrical work to avoid accidents. The main circuit break will be turned off. If there are fuses, they will be removed. The electrical supply of the water heater will be connected according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

8. When the electrical supply has been properly installed, the thermostat of the water heater will be adjusted. The thermostat access plate that’s usually found on the side of the water heater will be removed.

9. The insulation should be pulled back to expose the thermostat. Get a screwdriver and make use of it to adjust the thermostat temperature. Remember, the recommend temp is 120 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Reinstall the thermostat access plate. Turn the water heater on and push the rest button on the heater’s electrical panel.

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