13 May

How To Drain Washer When It Is Clogged

how to drain washerWhenever you wash dirty clothes and linens in your washing machine, different types of sediments and particles pass through the washer’s main drain pipe. These include dirt, soil and lint. Now what you have to remember is that these things may also cling onto your pipes and accumulate over time therefore resulting to clogs. And you know what kind of inconvenience clogs provide. You won’t be able to use your washing machine; your daily or weekly routine will get messed up; there’s even a chance that you won’t be able to use the rest of your plumbing. To help you get rid of the clog, follow this DIY guide!

1. Find the drain pipe where your washing machine is hooked to. It could be located at the back of the machine or right under it. Once you’ve located it, disconnect the washing machine’s drain hose from it. Doing so will give you access to the main drain.

2. Once you gain access to the drain pipe, get your choice of washing machine drain unclogger. You can get one from plumbing supply shops, groceries or even home improvement stores. Just guarantee that you’ll choose a drain cleaner with no harsh chemical content. Remember, harsh chemicals may eat away on pipes and totally damage the tubes in the long run.

3. Read the label on the drain cleaner and use it as per directions. When you’re done unclogging, test the drain by pouring half a bucket of water into the pipe. If the problem persists, move on to the next step.

4. Get your reliable plumbing snake. Insert its end into the drain pipe. Turn its crank clockwise to maneuver it further inside the pipeline. When it touches on a solid object or when you feel some kind of resistance, you have already located the clog. Continue pushing the snake in and turn its crank rigorously to break through the blockage. Once the resistance is gone, carefully pull the plumbing snake out. Dispose the waste materials in a bucket or container.

5. If, on the other hand, the snake doesn’t get rid of the blockage, you can give it additional force. Just get a power drill and attach the snake to it. Insert the snake into the drain pipe once again. Hold the power drill with both hands and turn it on. Keep your hands steady and let the power of the drill help your plumbing snake to break through the clog.

6. After successfully eliminating the clog, you have to pour a bucket of water into the drain pipe to flush away any remaining particles. Connect the washing machine drain hose to the drain pipe and turn the appliance on. Let it run for a cycle and make sure that the drain is already working fine.

We hope that you learned how to drain washer when it’s clogged through our blog today. If problems persist, just call the most reputable Brockton plumber to fix your washing machine plumbing. Plumbers 911 Boston provides local plumbing services in Brockton Massachusetts including plumbing appliance installation, plumbing fixture repair, toilet repair, faucet repair, leak detection and many more! Call us at (877) 754-1048 to schedule a service!

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