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05 May

How to choose the perfect sink for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams

There’s something special about cooking in the great outdoors. The flavors and aroma of grilled cuisine pair perfectly with the spring air and the smell of spring flowers in the breeze. 

That’s why many people are choosing to install outdoor kitchens so they can cook in the wonders of a natural setting without running back and forth to the house. An outdoor kitchen also lets you cook in the beautiful weather and not have to cut yourself off from the party.

Just like a conventional kitchen, having an outdoor sink is essential. In fact, you might consider the kitchen sink to be the basis of your outdoor kitchen. It’s perfect for washing and preparing vegetables for cooking. Even outside of hosting guests, an outdoor kitchen sink can be useful. You can use it to rinse off vegetables from the garden, fill watering cans or rinse off garden tools. 

Choosing the right outdoor sink is the secret to designing the perfect outdoor kitchen. It needs to be able to withstand the harsh weather, but still be convenient with modern fixtures to be useful for your outdoor kitchen experience.


Choose quality

When it comes to your outdoor sink, you want something that is resilient, but also convenient. This is a considerable investment you’re making in your home — you want it to last and provide joy and use for years to come. It’s important to choose quality materials that are durable but also luxurious to make it worth the investment.

If you are choosing a stainless steel sink, pay attention to the thickness of the metal. You might also consider quality stone as an alternative material. 


Rethink stainless steel sinks

Stainless steel sinks may seem to be a good choice for your outdoor sink because they are durable and affordable. But in the bright sunlight of the outdoors, they can become a blinding mirror. Stainless steel countertops can also get as hot as a stove, making them pretty much useless on a warm summer afternoon.

If you prefer stainless steel, we’d recommend using alluring silvery tones that don’t reflect the sun. Hammered and brushed textures can also help ease the glare and be forgiving to the use and abuse of the outdoors.

Marble, soapstone or granite kitchen sinks are also fine alternatives because they don’t reflect the glare or absorb the heat of the day.


Consider an outdoor bar sink

Is your outdoor kitchen primarily for cooking? If you plan on entertaining guests, you might consider a separate outdoor bar sink for preparing cocktails. This will allow you a separate space to focus on spirits or for rinsing glasses. Setting up an outdoor bar with a sink can also be a prime social gathering spot.


Think about the sink basin

When planning an outdoor sink design, keep in mind how many basins you want your sink to have. A large basin is perfect for pots and pans. A double basin also has its advantages. You can choose one side for rinsing and another for washing, or you can fill one basin with ice for drinks.


Hire a professional plumber to install your outdoor kitchen sink

You’ll want to hire a licensed plumber to install your outdoor kitchen sink. It will need to be connected to both water and sewer lines, which can be a complicated job requiring the expertise of a professional. How long the installation takes depends on how far from your water supply and sewer system the sink will be.


Talk to Plumbers 911 contractors for a quote!

If you are considering installing an outdoor kitchen sink, contact Plumbers 911. We are a network for licensed plumbing contractors that can inspect your property, consider your budget and estimate a price range for the outdoor kitchen sink of your dreams. 


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