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What’s A Hot Water Replacement Cost?

hot water replacement costWater heaters are efficient and durable plumbing appliances that are worth your every penny. They give you hot water whenever you need it and definitely make your everyday life more convenient. However, you should know that just like other appliances you have at home, water heaters will also get damaged until it’s no longer functional. When you notice the recurrence of issues involving the appliance’s power, thermocouple and thermostat among many others, that’s when you’ll need to prepare for a new unit. Read on and learn about hot water replacement cost.

1. Cost of New Water Heater

The price of a water heater varies based on a lot of factors. In a recent market research, it was found that a regular water heater costs about $300 to $500 and the rate still depends on the unit’s features and its brand. Tank-type heaters fueled by gas amount between $230 and $2000 while those that work using electricity are range from $400 to $3000. So between the gas and electric type, the latter is more expensive.

Now there are also tankless water heaters in the market and these are actually gaining more popularity. They are energy efficient and only produce hot water on demand. Because of this, you won’t deal with standby heat loss and therefore save on operation costs. These heaters cost about $1800 to $4500. Lastly, there are also elite heating systems that cost more and yet more efficient, too. Hybrid and solar-powered water heaters are also becoming more and more popular.

2. Labor Cost

When replacing a water heater, remember that you’ll need the help of licensed and professional plumbers. With their assistance, the proper disposal of the old heater and the new installation are guaranteed. Because they are experts in the field, accidents are avoided and local plumbing codes are complied with. If you’re wondering about the labor cost, well, there are several factors that may influence it. These include but are not limited to the plumber’s contract (is it hourly or fixed); the number of hours spent on the project; the average plumbing fee in your local area and other tasks that the plumber may need to work on. Consult your plumber and ask for a quote to get a ballpark figure.

3. Cost of Supplies

Surely you’ll need supplies to complete the project. These include supply pipes, fittings, connectors and what-nots. According to research, these provisions cost around $40 to $50.

4. Water Heater Disposal Cost

You should also be aware that clean-up is essential in every plumbing installation project. If you’ll set up a new water heater, you just can’t leave the old unit lying around somewhere in your house, garage or in your yard. It should be properly disposed of and your plumber can also help you with that. There are also companies that get rid of junked appliances so you might want to check them out. Debris that will result from the project should be hauled and removed as well. Usually, the disposal of the debris cost between $20 to $30.

We hope that you learned about hot water replacement cost from our blog today. If you need a new heating unit installed, just call a reliable Harvard plumber for water heater replacement. Plumbers 911 Boston provides excellent local plumbing services in Harvard MA including water heater installation, plumbing fixture repair, toilet repair, faucet repair, sub-metering and many more! Call us at (855) 550-9911 to schedule a service!

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