30 Sep

Do-It-Yourself Garbage Disposal Replacement

garbage-disposal-replacementDo you often experience issues with your garbage disposal? Some of the most common problems that involve this appliance include jamming, clogging, power issues and overheating. If you ever discover that your garbage disposer won’t turn on anymore, you should have it checked by a technician. Chances are, it’s no longer operable. In that case, a replacement is the only option to take. Here’s how plumbers replace garbage disposal units!

1. The garbage disposal will be unmounted from the sink. It will be twisted off of the mounting nut and any remaining water and debris will be dumped out. The unit will be turned upside-down and the plate that covers the electrical panel will be removed.

2. The wire nuts and grounding screws will be removed and the cable will be pulled out of the unit. Lastly, the strain relief sleeve should be loosened.

3. Afterward, the existing mounting assembly as well as the drain will be removed, too. The screw of the mounting ring will be removed. The drain flange will be pushed through the drain hole. Once done, the old plumber’s putty will be scraped off from the sink to clean the area. However, take note that if you’ll install a garbage disposal with the same model, there will be no need to replace the mounting hardware.

4. Time for installation! The rubber seal should be placed on the underside of the drain flange. If the new garbage disposal won’t come with a rubber seal, plumber’s putty should be used instead. The drain flange will be pushed into place right in the drain hole.

5. Another rubber seal should be placed on the drain flange. Afterward, the metal backup ring will be attached with its flat side facing up. Most garbage disposals make use of metal mounting hardware. Check if yours do too and read the owner’s manual to get proper installation instructions.

6. The mounting ring should be attached next. It will be attached with the use of screws. Then the mounting ring will be pushed up and secured with its snap ring. Lastly, the screws will be tightened.

7. The garbage disposal will be attached to the dishwasher drain. With the use of a hammer and screwdriver, the knock out plug should be removed. Turned upside-down, the garbage disposal should be shaken to get rid of any debris inside the unit. Once again, the electrical plate should be removed and the wires should be pulled away gently.

8. The strain relief sleeve will be screwed into place and then the cable will be pushed into the disposal. Lastly, the sleeve will be tightened.

9. The electrical wires will be connected and spliced accordingly. Then, they’ll be secured with the wire nuts. The cover plate should be replaced afterward.

10. Once done, the garbage disposal machine will be twisted into place onto its mounting nut. When it’s properly aligned, the drain arm and dishwasher drainpipe will be attached.

11. To test if the garbage disposal is leak-free, the faucet will be turned on to allow water to run into the drain. The garbage disposal will be turned on as well to guarantee that it’s working.

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