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gas lines Jacksonville FLNatural gas is a clean and efficient energy resource. With many homeowners switching from electric to gas, almost a quarter of the energy consumed by Americans is supplied by natural gas or propane. In the United States, approximately five million commercial establishments and 68 million homeowners are utilizing natural gas as an energy source. If you’re considering switching to gas, here are some gas-fueled appliances that you may find useful: • Stove ranges • Washers and dryers • Furnaces • Water heaters • Pool and hot tub heaters • Ovens • Barbecue grills • Generators • Outdoor lights • Boilers
To power these appliances, your home must have gas lines that connect to a source operated by a natural gas company. These lines work just like water pipes, feeding into a gas distribution system. It is the task of a plumber to connect the gas lines to your house to supply gas for your heating and cooking appliances. Before gas lines were constructed from cast iron pipes fitted together to prevent leaks. These types of pipes are now being replaced by flexible ones made of corrugated steel. Flexible steel pipes are less prone to gas leaks, which is why many technicians prefer to use it.Contrary to popular knowledge, plumbing involves not only water pipes but gas lines as well. The only role of your local gas company is to the distribution process, but you still need a trained pipefitter to install the gas lines into your house. Be advised that doing it yourself is NOT a good idea. Gas pipes, when incorrectly installed, are highly dangerous. Do not put your family’s safety at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning or explosions from leaks.

Natural Gas Safety Advice from Our Jacksonville Specialists

Although natural gas is relatively safe, improper usage can be especially dangerous. The two most important potential risks of using natural gas are gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. 1. Gas Leaks A gas line leak may be caused by three things: faulty appliances, improper gas line installation, or carelessness on the part of the homeowner. Old appliances tend to be at risk, but so are new ones if they were not installed correctly. Leaks may also be caused by transferring a gas-fueled appliance without turning off the line connection or forgetting to turn off a gas stove. Another leading cause is poor installation. If the lines are buried in concrete, movement of soil may cause breaks that cause leakage. Natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes could also result in breaks in the gas line. Gas leaks are very hazardous because they could result in an explosion. Note that natural gas can become highly volatile, and if it leaks and accumulates in an enclosed part of your home, it could explode in an instant. Aside from that obvious concern, it also causes potential health problems for the people inside. Here are warning signs of a gas leak that you must watch out for:
  • rotten egg or sulfur odor
  • exposed gas pipes following a typhoon or earthquake
  • fire in the vicinity of the gas pipes or appliances
  • dead or discolored vegetation near the pipeline
  • whistling or hissing noise coming from the pipes or gas-fueled appliances
If you strongly suspect a leak, remember to leave the house immediately. Call 911 and your gas company, although their personnel will only shut off the supply and investigate the source of leakage. You should still contact your HVAC contractor to fix the pipe situation. 2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Carbon monoxide (CO) is a by-product of burning fuel, which includes natural gas. Gas appliances are potential sources of CO if they are not adequately maintained. For instance, a broken furnace may not be burning gas properly, resulting in carbon monoxide build-up in your home. Exposure to this toxic gas causes symptoms like that of the flu: nausea, burning eyes, fatigue, headaches, and even unconsciousness. Be aware of the signs of CO presence in your home:
  • flickering of pilot light of gas-fueled appliances
  • rotten egg smell
  • stale air
  • accumulation of soot around the exhaust vent
  • moisture build-up on the windows or walls
To keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning, always have your gas system and appliances inspected by a licensed technician ever year. As a safety measure, you can also install a CO detector. Just like a smoke detector, it can alarm you if the CO level inside your home is critical.

Need Gas Line Repair and Maintenance? Leave It to The Plumbers 911 Professionals

All gas lines must be properly maintained to avoid potential safety risks. Whatever issue you have with your gas system, don’t hesitate to consult it. If you’re seeking to repair an existing gas line or replace it, it’s always best to find a qualified person to do it for you. We have technicians specializing in gas line concerns, and your safety is always their priority.

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At Plumbers 911, whether you’re looking for someone to install or repair your gas line in a safe and cost-effective manner, we have you covered. We will refer you to our network of highly-skilled contractors who are masters of their craft. Because our member companies are locally-owned, they are familiar with the specific plumbing concerns in an area. Our professionals have gone through extensive and continual training. They are well-versed with the newest technological innovations in the field, and they apply their experience to provide smart solutions to our clients. Rest assured that all our professionals have passed a background check and are periodically drug tested. You can be comfortable while they’re working inside your home. Also, the provide insurance in our services. You can relax and not worry about a substantial expense in case something goes wrong in the process. If you have any questions about your gas line tune-up or installation, our personnel will be happy to explain it to you. Another good news is that we’re reachable 24/7, so we can provide you emergency services at any time. Contact us now to address your plumbing needs.

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