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HVAC repairs in Jacksonville FLHVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. A properly maintained heating and cooling system will ensure your indoor comfort all year round. Preventive maintenance for your heating and cooling systems is more important than you think, and if there’s any component that requires servicing, it’s often best to leave it to the pros. At Plumbers 911, we will refer you to our network of highly-trained, certified  specialists near you. You know you will be in good hands because we will provide you: – The highest possible level of craftsmanship – Professional service – Reasonable estimates

Signs that Your Cooling and Heating System Needs Attention: Info from Your Jacksonville Plumbers

Your HVAC system is subject to repairs every now and then, no matter how durable and expensive it is. The average lifespan of a furnace and an air conditioning system is 15 years. As your system approaches this age, its performance also degrades. If you’re having any of these issues, then it’s time for a routine check-up:
  • High energy bills
  • Areas in your home that are too cold or too hot
  • Areas where air flow is too weak or too strong
  • Allergies are triggered
  • Air inside is very humid and dusty
  • Air filters are dirtier than expected

Benefits of Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance: Advice from Our Professionals

Is preventive maintenance worth it in a long-term perspective? This is a question most homeowners ask before they hire the services of an HVAC contractor. To help you decide, here are some benefits that come with regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems. 1. Decrease in repairs. It may be impossible to completely avoid repairs, but a scheduled maintenance can significantly reduce the risk by up to 95%. By spotting minor issues in your units before they become serious threats, you can minimize costly tune-ups. 2. More energy savings. Many things can go wrong if an HVAC system is not maintained properly. The most obvious is a decrease in performance efficiency. A routine inspection by a trained technician is essential to make sure that your heating and cooling units are running smoothly. By doing so, the system will be more energy-efficient, saving you a great deal of money. 3. Extended equipment life. When your air conditioning units and furnaces are clogged with dirt and grime, they consume more energy to produce the same level of cooling or heating. Just like a car oil change, maintenance is key to ensuring that your HVAC equipment lives its worth. You don’t have to spend on component replacements. Instead, spend smarter by investing in preventive maintenance to keep your units in good shape. 4. Ensuring safety inside your home. Malfunctioning HVAC units do more than cause expensive tune-ups; they may also be safety threats to your family. A furnace with a cracked heat exchanger may leak harmful carbon monoxide into the air. Dirty coils of an air conditioner may lead to serious health concerns from the bacteria or fungi buildup. Aside from causing throat, eye, and nose irritation, it may also intensify asthma. By regular upkeep, these safety risks can be identified and fixed immediately. Preventive maintenance always pays forward because it assures not only your comfort but also health and safety.

A/C and Heating Issues That You Can Troubleshoot: Tips from Plumbers 911 Experts

It’s crucial to identify when you can perform HVAC maintenance by yourself and when you should call a contractor. Here are some maintenance tasks that you can do in between the scheduled professional visits. However, if you’re unsure about any DIY procedure, the safest thing to do is to leave it to the pros.
  • Replacing air filters. It is recommended that you regularly change HVAC air filters (at least once every three months). An indicator light in the unit may tell you if the filter already needs replacement. Too much dirt clogs the filter, causing it to block airflow and significantly increasing your energy consumption. Check the unit’s manual for the procedure.
  • Maintaining supply and return vents open and unblocked.
  • Hosing down the compressor when it has collected too much dirt.
  • Cleaning off debris from the outdoor HVAC unit.

Air Conditioning and Other Heating Issues That You Should Leave to Our Skilled Technicians

In most cases, especially if your HVAC system is near the end of its lifespan, it’s better to leave the maintenance issues to the pros. If you find an air conditioning or furnace problem that can’t be fixed on your own, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll refer you to our HVAC experts. Here are some of the typical tasks performed in a routine maintenance:
  • System control check
  • Tightening electric connections
  • Calibrating thermostat
  • Cleaning coils and evaporator (AC unit)
  • Checking air conditioner charge
  • Inspecting condensate drain line
  • Applying lubricant to moving components=
  • Cleaning AC and furnace blower
  • Inspecting gas or oil connections
  • Checking burner, heat exchanger, and gas pressure

Trust Your Air Conditioning and Heating Needs to Our Jacksonville Plumbing Specialists

Whether it be purchasing, fixing, replacing, or installing an HVAC unit, we have you covered. Plumbers 911 connects you to a select list of contractors who are masters of the trade. All our member companies are locally-owned, which means they’re well-acquainted with the unique plumbing concerns in an area. Each tech personnel we refer have undergone pre-screening and extensive training. The coursework doesn’t stop there, as they must participate in continuing training all year round. They are educated and experienced when it comes to the most innovative technologies in the field, providing you with smarter solutions to any problem. We want you to be comfortable when welcoming our specialists inside your home. For this reason, we guarantee that all of them passed our initial background check and are also periodically drug tested. We instill the highest level of professionalism that our clients deserve. Furthermore, the service we give you is insured. You don’t have to worry about an unnecessary expense in case something goes wrong. As the homeowner, you can just relax and wait for the plumber to fix or install your HVAC unit. We work hard to provide your satisfaction and comfort; that’s why we selected the best and highly-skilled professionals to do the difficult jobs. Give us a call now and let us help you in whatever plumbing situation you might have.

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We will get through this together To say we are living in “unprecedented” challenging times would be an understatement. We hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy. We would like to list a few pieces of information and websites that we think will be helpful for you during this time.

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